In the heart of the [smart] city, home is where the heart is

In the heart of the [smart] ci...

A home should not be a bubble in the smart city, but part of the connected fabric for better living and quality of life, says Phil Brunkard, Republic of Things. “Where people live affects

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The New Normal: Balancing Security and Telework

The New Normal: Balancing Secu...

I used to write about things like disaster preparedness, business continuity, and cyber-security, but in light of the events of the last four months, I think I can safely say this unexpected crisis wa

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Vaughan’s Smart City’s initiatives

Vaughan’s Smart City’s ini...

Over the past decade, Vaughan has gone through an unprecedented transformation. Today, Vaughan is one of Canada’s largest and fastest-growing municipalities. Since 2010, Vaughan has issued $11 b

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Top 10 smart city trends for 2019

Top 10 smart city trends for 2...

Whether you’re a big city or small town, becoming a smarter community is well within your reach. And the smart city trends we’ll see this year will make it even easier: 1. Not just for

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