The Current State and Future of ITSM and ITIL in North America

The Current State and Future o...

Ever wanted to know more about the current state of IT service management (ITSM) and ITIL adoption. What has been achieved by organizations and where they have struggled? If so, then this article &nda

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ServiceNow Dreams Of $10 Billion As Digital Transformation Spikes Revenue

ServiceNow Dreams Of $10 Billi...

CLOUD WARS -- Riding one of the hottest growth markets the tech business has ever seen, SaaS high-flyer ServiceNow says CEOs' insatiable demand for digital transformation is not only driving upwar

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ServiceNow goes for more Now, a bit less Service

ServiceNow goes for more Now, ...

Annual gabfest's big news is brand refresh and non-disruptive disruption LOGOWATCH ServiceNow’s ramped up its efforts to excite buyers and users beyond the IT department, with a new

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ServiceNow: Same Old Beat, Same High Price

ServiceNow: Same Old Beat, Sam...

ServiceNow continued a trend of recent outperformance with its Q2 earnings release, beating on both the top and bottom line. Revenues accelerated 4 points to 41% y/y growth this quarter. However

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