Adlib Achieves SOC 2 Type I Certification for Its Content Intelligence Cloud Platform

Adlib Achieves SOC 2 Type I Ce...

TORONTO, June 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Adlib, the leader in Content Intelligence Cloud solutions, today announced that it has completed the SOC 2 Type I Service Organization Control (SOC 2) audit

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Global Learning Systems Responds to Increased Phishing Attacks With Free Vulnerability Phish Test

Global Learning Systems Respon...

With upticks in phishing and social engineering threats and two-thirds of America's workforce working remotely, free managed SecurePhish ™ test lets companies evaluate risk exposure and bett

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Irdeto: We Make Your Connected World a Safer Place to Live in

Irdeto: We Make Your Connected...

As an increasing number of people continue to work from home, the tendency to expose proprietary corporate data to vulnerabilities perpetuates further. And, as the world is increasingly becoming conne

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SECEON DELIVERS AI/ML-BASED XDR ON OTM PLATFORM ACROSS ENDPOINTS, NETWORK, AND CLOUD aiXDR provides an integrated view with massive security telemetry enriched with c

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How the Right Data Labeling Partner Can Prevent Business Losses

How the Right Data Labeling Pa...

Businesses that want to increase profits using machine learning and artificial intelligence must pay attention to the accuracy of the data labeling process. While many are conscious of how the conv

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How prepared are insurtechs against the threat of coronavirus?

How prepared are insurtechs ag...

Many companies and much of the startup world is currently talking about coronavirus. We have deliberately refrained from doing this but would now like to share a statement. Please see below the statem

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Neo-Insurance Getsafe starts expansion in the United Kingdom

Neo-Insurance Getsafe starts e...

Following its successful market entry in Germany, Getsafe is today launching its digital contents insurance in the UK. This marks the beginning of the company's expansion: in the coming years, the

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GuradKnox at CES 2020

GuradKnox at CES 2020

November comes to an end and many of you are gathering with friends and family around the holiday table, we wanted to give you a quick recap of what has been going on the last month and what we're

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How a Proactive Spend Culture Benefits Your Strategic Growth Plan

How a Proactive Spend Culture ...

As your organization scales and moves through successive stages of growth, companies ought to closely examine and understand the nuances of their spend culture. Because it’s essentially a cultur

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USAA, AmFam, Liberty Mutual join Connected Insurance USA 2019

USAA, AmFam, Liberty Mutual jo...

Connected Insurance USA Summit (Nov 20-21, Chicago) is bringing together over 700+ senior insurance leaders to redefine the future of insurance. With over 350 executives already registere

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How to develop an IT solution that saves management effort for a caregiving the company 

How to develop an IT solution ...

As the world population ages, caregiving companies become more and more in demand. But the clients of such businesses have very specific needs. Care cannot be served just like another cup of tea. It&r

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How to develop & launch an Agri Commodity Markerplace?

How to develop & launch an Agr...

If you want to bring an idea to life, you have a 90% chance of failure and only 10% for success. That is pure statistics. It didn’t discourage us from creating and launching our own startup.

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Setting Off or Sleeping In: The Insurance Industry at a Digital Crossroads

Setting Off or Sleeping In: Th...

Experts agree that the future of insurance is digital. Today's customers are used to receiving services, goods and information anytime and anywhere at the touch of a fingertip - and expect the sam

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Circle B and Rittal opt for maincubes AMS01 data center for European OCP Experience Center

Circle B and Rittal opt for ma...

Circle B and Rittal opt for maincubes  AMS01 data center for European OCP Experience Center Amsterdam, 2 August 2019 – Circle B, an OCP Solutions Provider ,  and Rittal, m

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Deloitte's 2019 TMT Predictions forecast the rise of the smart speaker in Canada

Deloitte's 2019 TMT Prediction...

Deloitte predicts the smart speaker will become the fastest-growing connected device category worldwide with a distinctly Canadian usage: checking the weather Smart speakers to become the fastest-g

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CES 2019: Biggest Technology Trends From the Show

CES 2019: Biggest Technology T...

CES 2019 brought with it many interesting new technologies and products. To learn more, we spoke with Manroop Sandhu from Walmart Canada who attended the show. CES is the world&rsquo

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7 Technology Trends Every Canadian Business Should Know About

7 Technology Trends Every Cana...

Technology is changing the way businesses operate worldwide. Access to game-changing technology used to be for big corporations—and big corporations only. Well, times have changed. As a

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Top Trends in Canadian Business for 2019

Top Trends in Canadian Busines...

With 2019 just around the corner, major changes are expected in the global economy, technology, marketing, HR and cybersecurity, which may greatly impact the way you do business. At TEC, we provide ye

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The Era of Single Sign-On Technology [Infographic]

The Era of Single Sign-On Tech...

How many online accounts do you manage? Of these, how many do you access every day, or even multiple times per day? In this Internet-driven age, the process of signing into an online account is one th

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Is Your Business Cloud-Ready?

Is Your Business Cloud-Ready?

Giving you quick access to your most important files and documents, Cloud computing services have shown great benefits for entrepreneurs and marketers on the go. It allows them to continue work p

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Mind Mapping Your Way to a Successful Business Blog

Mind Mapping Your Way to a Suc...

There are many reasons that people blog, sometimes for business reasons and sometimes for pleasure. Whatever is driving us to create a blog, we first have to do some planning. Firstly we want to be ab

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Tips for Networking for Success

Tips for Networking for Succes...

Networking is crucial: it helps women gain exposure and more insight into their respective fields. As EWF explored in a previous blog post, women tend to be natural-born networkers, comforta

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Ultra Electronics, 3eTI Announces Dirk van der Vaart as New President

Ultra Electronics, 3eTI Announ...

Rockville MD – (10 September 2018) - Ultra Electronics, 3eTI, a leading cyber-physical technology company, today announced Dirk van der Vaart as the new president of the company. Van der Vaart&r

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Hot and Cold: What's the way forward for digital currency storage?

Hot and Cold: What's the way f...

Digital currency exchanges are notorious for their vulnerability to cybercrime and data protection risk. Whilst the blockchain is immutable, exchanges and wallets are not.  According to Reuters,

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How Will Smarter Technology Save Local Businesses?

How Will Smarter Technology Sa...

Pixie is a blockchain-powered discovery, payment and rewards platform that’s tailor-made for independent businesses and the communities they serve. But are local shops and their customers ready

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Blockchain Technology is Changing the Automotive Industry

Blockchain Technology is Chang...

Blockchain technology is providing auto manufacturers with a real opportunity to shed their current wasteful business practices and embrace a new, more efficient means of conducting business. There ha

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Government Blockchain Programs are Expanding Globally

Government Blockchain Programs...

Governments from around the globe are realizing the huge benefits that can be attained through the integration of blockchain-based systems. Blockchain technology is far more efficient than current sys

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Readying the Voice Technology Revolution

Readying the Voice Technology ...

With a market set to be worth $127 billion by 2024, the impact of voice technology is just starting to be realised in customers’ lives. Providing frictionless interaction, voice is creating an o

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What are the Beesley Lectures?

What are the Beesley Lectures?

What are the Beesley Lectures? Now in their twenty-seventh year, The Beesley Lectures were founded by Professor Michael Beesley, one of the most influential regulatory economists of his time. Held

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A Tightening Exascale Race Reveals Underlying Forces Shaping Supercomputing

A Tightening Exascale Race Rev...

The competition between the US, China, and Japan to field the first exascale supercomputer looks a lot closer than it did a couple of years ago. But the real significance of the narrowing schedules re

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A3Cube Inc.: Bridging the Gap with Intelligent Supercomputing Capabilities

A3Cube Inc.: Bridging the Gap ...

With more than two decades of high-performance data mining, artificial intelligence, and machine learning expertise, it did not take long for Antonella Rubicco (CEO) and Emilio Billi (CTO) to set up A

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DocuWare Forms for Information Management Enhanced Web Forms for Clearer Data Capture

DocuWare Forms for Information...

New Windsor, July 17, 2018 - Web-based forms created with DocuWare Forms simplify and speed up data collection. Created by any user through an intuitive, no-code interface, forms combine with digital

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Press Release for Satoshi United

Press Release for Satoshi Unit...

On June 26 and 27, Singapore will host Satoshi United BlockChain Conference to mark the beginning of a great era and to applaud all the hard work and dedication that has gone into uplifting the indust

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Dr. Kenneth M. Quinn, former U.S. Ambassador to the Kingdom of Cambodia, assumed the leadership of the World Food Prize Foundation on January 1, 2000, following his retirement from the State Departmen

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What Is The Greatest Challenge Human Beings Have Ever Faced?

What Is The Greatest Challenge...

It is an intriguing question, and some potential answers come readily to mind: discovering the New World, landing a man on the moon, conquering cancer, preventing nuclear war—all are great trial

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Norwest to acquire CX Leader Avtex

Norwest to acquire CX Leader A...

Norwest Equity Partners investment is a significant milestone that will help Avtex add incremental product and service offerings, invest in R&D and innovation, and position the Company for strateg

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CloudCherry enhances its CX Predictive Analytics engine

CloudCherry enhances its CX Pr...

The new update would reduce the time required to analyze customer feedback at scale, reveal insights and predict trend CloudCherry, Customer Experience Management, CX platform, predictive analytics

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Cisco, Apple, Aon, Allianz partners on cyber risk management

Cisco, Apple, Aon, Allianz par...

Combined approach integrates technology, services and enhanced cyber insurance to make businesses more resilient Cisco, Apple, Aon, Allianz, cyber risk management solution, cyber resilience, cyber

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US Cybersecurity regulations doubled in 2017 over 2016

US Cybersecurity regulations d...

In 2017 approximately, 42 US states introduced 240 bills and resolutions related to cybersecurity -- more than double the number in 2016 (during which 104 state bills and resolutions were introduced)

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LogMeIn to acquire Jive Communications for $342 million

LogMeIn to acquire Jive Commun...

The deal will accelerate LogMeIn’s overall Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) strategy and bolster the firm’s popular collaboration portfolio, bringing together the firms leadi

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