AHCS Technology Platform Guarantees to Eliminate Accounts Receivable

AHCS Technology Platform Guara...

Healthcare professionals use information technology to keep track of claims throughout their entire lifecycle. However, using the Automated HealthCare Solutions (AHCS) platform with the Workers Compen

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Enabling Access to Care and Improved Outcomes for Health Care Providers

Enabling Access to Care and Im...

Demand for mental health and therapeutic care has recently been on the rise, and the need has increased since the outbreak of Covid-19 in early 2020. Telehealth has emerged as a highly sought-after mo

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Perfect HCC Risk Adjustment Scores: ForeSee Medical

Perfect HCC Risk Adjustment Sc...

For around 15 years, Medicare Advantage (MA) coding has been hampered by the administrative burden related to the HCC-RA model but now with new Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools, relief has arrived!

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Healthcare Providers’ One-Stop Shop for Data Management

Healthcare Providers’ One-St...

There’s no doubt about it. The healthcare industry produces an enormous amount of data. The US healthcare alone reached 150 exabytes of data in 2011 and hit 2,000 exabytes in 2020! When it comes

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Connecting the Entire Healthcare Community

Connecting the Entire Healthca...

Connecting the Entire Healthcare Community: Brightsquid While medical science and tech advance quickly, the delivery model of Canada's healthcare has been late to catch the train to digital tra

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AI in healthcare: The tech is here, the users are not

AI in healthcare: The tech is ...

The biggest challenges for AI-enabled care are delivering real-time insights into the clinical workflow and gaining acceptance from caregivers as well as patients. Innovative solutions continue to eme

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Lexie Hearing® is changing the hearing aid market in the US by making hearing care affordable and accessible to everyone. The hearing care solution that Lexie has developed includes a pair of qual

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AI Sightings

AI Sightings

Artificial Intelligence early implementation sightings. As CIOs, technology decision-makers and leaders embark on technology modernization efforts, they should consider holistic technology strategi

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IoT In Healthcare

IoT In Healthcare

Healthcare has the most potential use of IoT than any other sector. The combination of IoT and Healthcare will have immense benefits like health condition monitoring, self-care, discovering

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Healthcare trends in 2020

Healthcare trends in 2020

Continued disruption and innovation will dictate the need for creative solutions. From healthcare-retail partnerships to the introduction of apps, wearables, and data-driven AI applications, disrup

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Success with Telemedicine for pregnant women with complicated pregnancies

Success with Telemedicine for ...

A recently completed project in Denmark within telemedicine has shown that remote monitoring of pregnant women with complicated pregnancies makes a big difference. The number of hospital admissions is

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Digital transformation in hospital care

Digital transformation in hosp...

Today’s healthcare system is facing many challenges globally, including growing aging populations, a rise in chronic conditions and co-morbidities, and increasing constraints on the healthcare w

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Interoperability in Healthcare is What you Need to Reduce Fragmentation and Promote Patient-Provider Engagement

Interoperability in Healthcare...

The healthcare industry has witnessed several IT advancements over the years. While storing and disseminating medical data has seen some progress, when it comes to patient-provider engagement it still

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Health Care Organizations to Lead on Culture Of Care

Health Care Organizations to L...

Healthcare organization to be the best place to work!  Is Care lost in Healthcare? Healthcare organizations from federal, state, local, profit, non-profit all have lofty vision, mission and

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New Channel of Care - Telehealth

New Channel of Care - Teleheal...

Telehealth as new channel of care. Videoconferencing capabilities lead the way as foundational technology for supporting Telehealth use cases. Adoption of Telehealth technologies can mature to bec

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'AI' Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

'AI' Artificial Intelligence i...

Why is it that Healthcare Industry continues to struggle in creating success in a value-driven environment today? Perhaps it is due to excessive regulatory burden on the systems & providers or may

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It's Time for Price Transparency In Health Care

It's Time for Price Transparen...

Imagine you’re in the finest restaurant in town, celebrating a special occasion. The waiter walks you through the house special and it sounds so enticing your heart pounds at the prospect of enj

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Changing Weaknesses to Strengths with the Arch Collaborative

Changing Weaknesses to Strengt...

Last spring, Compass Medical got the invitation to be part of the beta testing for KLAS’ Arch Collaborative, an effort to improve EHR usability and satisfaction. The timing was perfect. We had j

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Principles for Artificial Intelligence Success By Sunila Thelma Levi, CTO, Integral Care From beer commercials to healthcare, AI has crossed over from movies to solving real life problems. AI&rs

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Digital Health Revolution: Lessons Learned So Far

Digital Health Revolution: Les...

The promise of the digital health revolution is tantalizing: a multitude of connected devices providing personalized feedback to help people improve their health. Yet, some recent studies have called

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Notal Vision Engages Wasatch Photonics Bringing AI-Enabled Home-Based Optical Coherence Tomography Closer to Market

Notal Vision Engages Wasatch P...

First U.S. clinical trial initiated with patient-operated home OCT device for monitoring patients diagnosed with exudative age-related macular degeneration (eAMD) Manassas, Virginia (December 17, 2

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It's High Time To Set Healthcare AI Standards, And Clinicians Should Be Involved

It's High Time To Set Healthca...

Having spent the last couple of years looking at the clinical use of AI,  I’ve become increasingly convinced — as have, no doubt, many of you — that AI will eventually play an i

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4 Elements to Consider when creating a DATA Sharing Cloud

4 Elements to Consider when cr...

One year after its release, the cloud has been accessed by more than 800 researchers in 13 countries. To get a better understanding into some of the factors involved in creating this successful ventur

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Max Healthcare CIO on AI, cloud improving healthcare delivery

Max Healthcare CIO on AI, clou...

Max Healthcare shares how he leveraged AI & other technologies to automate healthcare delivery. Max Healthcare CIO on AI, cloud improving healthcare delivery Traditionally, healthcare sector in

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Aster DM Healthcare partners with Nigerian University Hospital to provide advanced healthcare solutions

Aster DM Healthcare partners w...

Aster DM Healthcare partners with Nigerian University Hospital to provide advanced healthcare solutions The partnership will see Aster setting up Centres of Excellence in Nigeria, offering solution

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10 types of communication patients want about their health care

10 types of communication pati...

You’ve heard it before, and we’re sure you’ll hear it again: Communication is key in health care. The conversations between patients and providers, providers and nurses, and staff an

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Accenture, Merck partner with Amazon Web Services for new cloud precision medicine platform

Accenture, Merck partner with ...

Accenture and Merck are working with Amazon Web Services to develop a cloud-based platform for collaborators across the life sciences industry, designed to speed innovation in drug development researc

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As Hurricane Florence hits, health information exchanges fill in patient data gaps

As Hurricane Florence hits, he...

As Hurricane Florence pummels the south and east coast this weekend, healthcare providers will turn to health information exchanges to get patient data. These aggregation services have been pr

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TRIMEDX to Acquire Healthcare Technologies Business

TRIMEDX to Acquire Healthcare ...

Indianapolis-based TRIMEDX has announced plans to acquire the healthcare technologies division of Philadelphia-based Aramark (NYSE: ARMK). The clinical engineering services company says the $300 milli

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Aramark to sell healthcare technology business for $300M

Aramark to sell healthcare tec...

Aramark Corp. will sell its Healthcare Technologies business for $300 million to better focus on other sides of its portfolio, including food services. The Philadelphia-based company signed a defin

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Health Secretary pledges to overhaul NHS IT system

Health Secretary pledges to ov...

Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock has vowed to overhaul the current NHS IT network, claiming it would be unacceptable in any other 21st-century organisation. Health Secretary pledges to ov

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How Patients Improve Their Sleep With the Beddr SleepTuner

How Patients Improve Their Sle...

Do your patients suffer from sleep issues? A new sleep sensor and accompanying app could help them learn why. We spoke with Michael Kisch, co-founder and CEO of Beddr, to learn more about the SleepTun

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The Disturbing Cyber Threat Targeting Medical Devices

The Disturbing Cyber Threat Ta...

Hackers have found another way to extort the medical community and their patients. There's a disturbing trend of cyber-thieves targeting medical devices in doctors' offices and hospitals. T

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How Can Practice Analytics Leverage Genetics?

How Can Practice Analytics Lev...

Opening. The practice of medicine has always been personal but not so much individualized. This is rapidly changing and one of main reasons is that the human genome is now known (although n

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Healthcare Service Line Reporting

Healthcare Service Line Report...

Background The Triple Aim is a framework developed by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) that describes an approach to optimizing health system performance. It is IHI’s belief t

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Cyberattacks On Healthcare Grew 63% In 2016 - Who, How & Why

Cyberattacks On Healthcare Gre...

After years of steadily increasing cyber threats that have resulted in record numbers of compromised patient information (PHI), financially extorted health organizations, and publicly dis

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Can Clinical Registries Close Healthcare Analytics Gaps?

Can Clinical Registries Close ...

Improvement in our health system is sorely needed and analytics may be one of our biggest opportunities to shape the future. Other industries have leveraged sophisticated data tools and techniques to

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