Online learning for Technology

Online learning for Technology...

Intelitek online curriculum use simulation tools and multiple instructional strategies to provide a solution for virtual technical career instruction. Content is the most critical component of any

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Security, Privacy and Confidentiality: What’s the Difference?

Security, Privacy and Confiden...

It’s crucial for your IT staff to understand three concerns that overlap but are not quite the same. Campus administrators and faculty understand the importance of protecting sensitive studen

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Byju’s might have e-learning modules on subjects ranging from math to coding.

Byju’s might have e-learning...

The Kerala-born Bengaluru-based entrepreneur is quite a fan, and player, of the beautiful game. “At school, I played all day (but) ensured that my studies never suffered. I can completely att

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How to Effectively Develop Knowledge Using a Whole Child Literacy Approach

How to Effectively Develop Kno...

Dr. Terrie Noland, Learning Ally's V.P. of Educator Initiatives, and author of the podcast series on Spotify, "Literacy Leadership," is a Certified Academic Language Practitioner. In thi

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Network Upgrades Enable Universities to Accelerate Research

Network Upgrades Enable Univer...

Universities refresh their core networks to bolster high-performance computing systems for research. The University of Florida recently built the fastest artificial intelligence supercomputer in hi

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Colleges Augment With Network Support

Colleges Augment With Network ...

Hotspots and expanded Wi-Fi augment one-to-one device programs to give students the access and connectivity they need. When the University of California San Diego campus emptied out because of COVI

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How is educational technology disrupting the e-learning industry?

How is educational technology ...

Educational technology progresses fast and there are a couple of reasons for that. One of them is the spread of technologies: social media, interactive content, and so on. A tech-savvy generation has

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Pandemic Lessons to Advance Cybersecurity Strategy

Pandemic Lessons to Advance Cy...

Wide-ranging experiences and insights have helped institutions mature and sharpen their defenses. When the University of California San Diego campus emptied out because of COVID-19 in early 2020, Mich

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The power of data and CRM systems for education marketing

The power of data and CRM syst...

A well-set-up CRM and data management system is the foundation to understanding where your marketing efforts really pay off. Here are 5 key ways your CRM can make all the difference. If you’r

Read More A Privacy in Education- From Trend to Fundamental Law A Pr...

Data security is not a train on which you can board quickly to hitchhike. It's not a button you turn in an instant. A company can only meet high privacy and security requirementsif this is taken i

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Soffos : Hybrid working is here to stay

Soffos : Hybrid working is her...

But defining the concept, retaining productivity and keeping up with professional development is causing headaches for all concerned Decades before the COVID-19 pandemic, many people in white-colla

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Agora: How Real-time Engagement Empowers EdTech Providers to Create Better Human Interactions

Agora: How Real-time Engagemen...

The coronavirus pandemic reshaped the education industry in 2020, forcing 1.6 billion students and teachers online. Across the spectrum of learning, we are seeing unprecedented acceleration in adoptio

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Olive: Empowering Students, Educators and Learners for Future with AI

Olive: Empowering Students, Ed...

Olive: Empowering Students, Educators and Learners for Future with AI How we interact, socialize, and work is shifting rapidly. Similarly, how we learn is also undergoing rapid change. Notebooks are

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Use of simulations for clinical training during the pandemic

Use of simulations for clinica...

Last March when it became obvious that we were facing an unprecedented pandemic, schools correctly removed pre-licensed students from clinical training sites. This move was essential to both ensure st

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Measure. Ensure. Win: StoryShare’s LXP Provides Real-Time Insights into Learning

Measure. Ensure. Win: StorySha...

For years, learning departments have mainly invested in creating more engagement through seamless experiences. As a natural upshot, today, there are a plethora of solutions aimed to resolve the issue

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Shaw Academy: Democratizing Education For The Greater Good

Shaw Academy: Democratizing Ed...

There is an old saying that good lawyers run away from risks, while good businessmen run towards them. The same approach is also found in some thrilling sports like surfing and skiing where the inhere

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Lurn The Magic of Collaborative Educational Culture

Lurn The Magic of Collaborativ...

In many ways, life is a series of obstacles, and how we deal with those obstacles determines where we go, who we meet, and what we accomplish in the time that we have. Founder and CEO of Lurn Inc., An

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Making E-Learning Safe and Engaging: CoSo Cloud

Making E-Learning Safe and Eng...

Virtual training has taken center stage at business enterprises across the country as the fallout from COVID-19 continues to place in-person meetings on hold. Roughly 90% of in-person activities were

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Appliedinfo Partners: Enabling Seamless Virtual Learning and Communication – Anywhere, Anytime

Appliedinfo Partners: Enabling...

In the digital era, learning and communication can happen anytime, anywhere, at any pace, and on any device. With the emergence of COVID-19, the relevance of virtual learning and communication is now

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Improving Interactivity in Asynchronous Learning

Improving Interactivity in Asy...

The Covid-19 has changed the ways that schools and teachers deliver their classes. Asynchronous learning is one term that we hear frequently. Unfortunately, asynchronous learning typically reduces cla

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COVID-19 – The Catalyst for change in Education

COVID-19 – The Catalyst for ...

COVID-19, can it be the catalyst for change in education? Since the introduction of common- core standards, we have not seen our communities' level of engagement this high regarding education. Reg

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Transformation in Education During COVID-19

Transformation in Education Du...

Shenandoah University ( , Winchester, VA — In 2009, Shenandoah University implemented the iMLearning Program initiative to provide all of its approximately 3,200 undergraduate and mos

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COVID related issues regarding teacher & student engagement strategies

COVID related issues regarding...

Imagine a world beyond the transcript or job application. A real in-depth understanding of learners’ skills, abilities, and knowledge. A true picture of a person's understanding and learning

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Online Learning During the Pandemic

Online Learning During the Pan...

For almost 30 years I have been working in and around schools. I have served in every role as an educator - from a teacher’s assistant to substitute to the classroom teacher to instructional

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Redesigned, Reimagined, Rebooted & Ready to Go

Redesigned, Reimagined, Reboot...

Offering a redesigned, reimagined, and rebooted learning experience is the mantra for the Santa Fe, New Mexico public schools for the 2020-2021 school year.  Although our buildings are closed for

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Articulate University IT Spend by Portfolio to Address Covid Challenges

Articulate University IT Spend...

As is true at university campuses across the country, it is no hyperbole to state that I have witnessed repeated acts of heroism during this time of the pandemic. Yes, the days in isolation are runnin

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The Key to Motivating Students? Use Technology to Enhance ‘Social Capital’

The Key to Motivating Students...

Exasperated teachers and students reflect on the challenges of remote learning amidst a pandemic over video chat. My team and I listen to a laundry list of problems that exist from each perspective. A

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Secure, Real-time, Any-to-Any Payments for All

Secure, Real-time, Any-to-Any ...

With the advent of the digital age, traditional methods of bill payments have taken a hit. According to the latest ACI Speedpay Pulse study, the use of paper checks decreased slightly to 28 percent in

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Lightspeed Keeps Students Safe

Lightspeed Keeps Students Safe

A lot has changed in schools over the last few years as mobile and digital learning have opened up new opportunities for immersive, engaging, anytime/anywhere education. Today most schools are working

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Yewno: Transforming Information into Knowledge

Yewno: Transforming Informatio...

At Yewno, we describe what we do as “Transforming Information into Knowledge”.  Yewno allows you to surface the information you are looking for, in less time than ever before, from am

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When the stars align: Blockchain will be taking higher education by a storm

When the stars align: Blockcha...

Your institution is on its way to becoming Blockchained! Do not worry. It is indeed a good thing. Blockchain gives a real advantage and helps academic institutions go beyond the current structure o

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The Modern Chief Information Officer

The Modern Chief Information O...

Technology has come a long way.  Gone are the days when computers were considered luxury items perched in the data centers of government agencies and Fortune 500 companies.  Today, computers

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How to Do More with Less - Maximizing IT Efficiency

How to Do More with Less - Max...

Early in my career, when I was a senior process controller in the private sector, my job was to improve IT processes in an effort to operate as efficiently as possible, improve services and save money

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5 Reasons Why Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery is a Smart Solution for Higher Education 

5 Reasons Why Cloud-Based Disa...

Colleges and universities have many options when it comes to a data backup and disaster recovery strategy, from building in-house secondary data centers and using co-location facilities to taking adva

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Five Tips for a Better Application and Admissions Process

Five Tips for a Better Applica...

Since I work closely with admissions offices, I am frequently asked about best practices for a smooth application process. Let me start by saying that there is no magic formula for the perfect applica

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The Equity Answer: Great Teachers + Technology

The Equity Answer: Great Teach...

Technology plays an important role in many critical global issues - climate change, gender equity, health and disease, poverty.  But one thing is certain, the most direct path to developing solut

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Four things college can learn from the booming business of lifelong learning

Four things college can learn ...

It’s a tough time for colleges. Enrollment has declined in each of the past five years, largely concentrated in for-profits, but public schools are seeing drops as well. Demographers predict fur

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AI Taking over the Education Industry

AI Taking over the Education I...

Artificial Intelligence is now a part of our normal lives. We are surrounded by this technology from automatic parking systems, smart sensors for taking spectacular photos, and personal assistance. Si

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Ed tech Trends to Watch in 2019

Ed tech Trends to Watch in 201...

In 2018 higher education’s attention was on student activism, debates about safe spaces, and the regulation of for-profit colleges. Faculty members were at the center of many of those conversati

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