How to Do More with Less - Maximizing IT Efficiency

How to Do More with Less - Max...

Early in my career, when I was a senior process controller in the private sector, my job was to improve IT processes in an effort to operate as efficiently as possible, improve services and save money

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5 Reasons Why Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery is a Smart Solution for Higher Education 

5 Reasons Why Cloud-Based Disa...

Colleges and universities have many options when it comes to a data backup and disaster recovery strategy, from building in-house secondary data centers and using co-location facilities to taking adva

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Five Tips for a Better Application and Admissions Process

Five Tips for a Better Applica...

Since I work closely with admissions offices, I am frequently asked about best practices for a smooth application process. Let me start by saying that there is no magic formula for the perfect applica

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The Equity Answer: Great Teachers + Technology

The Equity Answer: Great Teach...

Technology plays an important role in many critical global issues - climate change, gender equity, health and disease, poverty.  But one thing is certain, the most direct path to developing solut

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Four things college can learn from the booming business of lifelong learning

Four things college can learn ...

It’s a tough time for colleges. Enrollment has declined in each of the past five years, largely concentrated in for-profits, but public schools are seeing drops as well. Demographers predict fur

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AI Taking over the Education Industry

AI Taking over the Education I...

Artificial Intelligence is now a part of our normal lives. We are surrounded by this technology from automatic parking systems, smart sensors for taking spectacular photos, and personal assistance. Si

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Ed tech Trends to Watch in 2019

Ed tech Trends to Watch in 201...

In 2018 higher education’s attention was on student activism, debates about safe spaces, and the regulation of for-profit colleges. Faculty members were at the center of many of those conversati

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