ZoneZero™ can Prevent Further Lateral Movement Within Compromised Organizations.

ZoneZero™ can Prevent Furthe...

VPNs have been a cornerstone of secure networking for the last 20+ years. They provide employees and third parties with secure remote access to corporate networks and services. However, as technology

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Secure Communication- Anywhere, Anytime.

Secure Communication- Anywhere...

SaltDNA is a multi-award-winning cybersecurity company based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, that builds secure enterprise mobile communications solutions. SaltDNA offers ‘Peace of Mind’ for

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How File Sanitizing Prevents Nearly 100% of Malware (Unrecognizable Threats Included)

How File Sanitizing Prevents N...

With organized cybercrime groups, national elite cyber units, independent pro hackers – and even amateurs hoping for a big ransomware payoff – the risk of malware attacks is more evident t

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Help! When Login Support Costs Start to Hurt

Help! When Login Support Costs...

Current login processes are contributing to significantly high operating costs – more than one might imagine. Medium to large companies are paying high five-figure sums on annual helpdesk costs

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One Platform For All Your Application Security Woes

One Platform For All Your Appl...

Web application firewalls (WAFs) were enough for a world where security itself was not so challenging. Up until a few years ago, web application threats were less common and sophisticated, bots were e

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Cybersecurity Done RIGHT

Cybersecurity Done RIGHT

The threat landscape has evolved over the years. Cyberattacks have become more sophisticated with ransomware, a denial-of-service attack (DDOS), inside threats, vulnerability exploits, advanced persis

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End-to-End Email Security Solution That You Can Trust,

End-to-End Email Security Solu...

As cyber-attacks and information security risks evolve, organizations are increasingly falling victim to data breaches. According to a recent survey by Dell, 63 percent of companies have experience

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The Impact of COVID on the Cybersecurity Landscape – and the Path Forward

The Impact of COVID on the Cyb...

To say that the world is dealing with a crisis of unprecedented proportions is something we now all understand. But the far-reaching effects of COVID-19, particularly as they relate to how we do busin

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Building Smart and Safe Networks

Building Smart and Safe Networ...

As the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes ubiquitous, there is seemingly nothing that cannot be connected to the internet. From coffee machines to parking meters, to washing machines, and even cattle, h

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Zooming Through Federal Compliance

Zooming Through Federal Compli...

“While we never intended to deceive any of our customers, we recognize that there is a discrepancy between the commonly accepted definition of end-to-end encryption and how we were using it

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MS-ISAC Ryuk Ransomware Primer Educates States About this Emerging Cyber security Threat

MS-ISAC Ryuk Ransomware Primer...

The Center for Internet Security (CIS®), which operates the Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center® (MS-ISAC®), has created its first educational primer to alert the states ab

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How To Protect Client And Customer Data In 2020

How To Protect Client And Cust...

Many human interactions are built on trust. In businesses, the same principle applies. Customers wish only to work with a company they can fully trust. Keeping customer data safe and cyber-crime free

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TachTech: Your Trusted IT Security Partner

TachTech: Your Trusted IT Secu...

Ranked, by Inc. Magazine, as one of the fastest-growing private companies in the US for five consecutive years, San Francisco-based TachTech is all set to conquer its next milieu in information techno

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Synack: A Smart, Efficient, and Trusted Cybersecurity Solution using Augmented Intelligence

Synack: A Smart, Efficient, an...

Jay Kaplan and Mark Kuhr, the co-founders of Synack, began their careers with the United States Department of Defense (DoD) and the National Security Agency (NSA) as technical security experts protect

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SentinelOne: Disrupting Endpoint Security Market with Artificial Intelligence

SentinelOne: Disrupting Endpoi...

In order to securely move into the digital age, without putting critical assets at risk, organizations can no longer afford to rely on signature-based approaches that only defend against known threats

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Clearswift: Delivering Unparalleled Content Threat Protection Solutions

Clearswift: Delivering Unparal...

Clearswift traces its beginnings back to 1982 as a company called Net Tel, which actively worked on email content-filtering solutions and created the first email client for MS-DOS. In the early 2000s,

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GFI Software: Empowering SMBs to Navigate Cyber Threat and Network Vulnerabilities

GFI Software: Empowering SMBs ...

GFI Software: Empowering SMBs to Navigate Cyber Threat and Network Vulnerabilities Cyber-attacks grab headlines as the problems of large businesses and enterprises. In actual fact, these security a

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CyberSponse: Maximizing the Impact of Security Tools, Time and Manpower

CyberSponse: Maximizing the Im...

Protecting data, securing networks, and developing robust hardware systems have become more critical than ever with cybersecurity serving as a hot topic across organizations in every industry. Researc

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Securing the Digital Plant

Securing the Digital Plant

How intrinsic cyber security, open standards and Moore’s law have converged to enable a new era of industrial productivity improvement Manufacturing and process industry executives have been

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Best Practices for Data Security

Best Practices for Data Securi...

Cybersecurity is a more important field today than ever before.  Let’s just get that established right away.  Threats to personal data abound from without and within: hackers who targe

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Securing Mobile Devices

Securing Mobile Devices

Smartphones took off with consumers, fueled by the ease of use of apps paired with cloud services.  Today, 4 of every 5 Americans own a smartphone, compared to just 1 in 4 owning a desktop or lap

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Active Cypher: Empowering Enterprises with Impermeable File Protection and Unprecedented Power

Active Cypher: Empowering Ente...

Data is the backbone of any organization, an invaluable source of vital information that drives crucial business decisions and goals. Even though data is the lifeblood of an enterprise, numerous compa

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'Argoscope' Detelix Software: Preventing Online Frauds using the capabilities of Israel Defence Force elite intelligence unit approach.

'Argoscope' Detelix Software: ...

Online financial transactions are becoming a norm each passing day and consumers are increasingly at risk citing safe processing of their transactions. At a time where online transactions are accentua

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Ultra Electronics, 3eTI and Milestone Systems partner to bring best-in-breed physical security to DOD

Ultra Electronics, 3eTI and Mi...

3eTI Partners with Milestone to Elevate its Perimeter Security Management Platform for Federal Customers  Nashville TN – February, 25, 2019 - Ultra Electronics, 3eTI announces it is now

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The Modern Cybersecurity Problem

The Modern Cybersecurity Probl...

We are in the era of the connected vehicle. Connected cars are here to stay, and autonomous vehicles are fast approaching. One forecast goes as far as predicting 117 million new connected vehicles wil

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SudoLynx: Committed to Making Cyber Security Compliance Easy and Affordable

SudoLynx: Committed to Making ...

The U.S. Government is making cyber security compliance mandatory for all business’ interested in future contracts, as defined by NIST Pub 800-171.  For the Department of Defense, that dead

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Hacker House: Empowering and Protecting Global Enterprises in the Cyber-Crime Era

Hacker House: Empowering and P...

The exponential rise of connected devices and critical dependence on digital infrastructure has led information technologies to proliferate every part of our lives. While this trend has made our lives

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Octopus System: Provider of integrated and automated cybersecurity solutions helping unify disparate security devices into one platform.

Octopus System: Provider of in...

Organizations these days depend on several business relations in order to receive expert and trusted solutions to ensure their business continuity. Similarly, in the cyber world, as the security indus

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BAI Security: Leading the Security Auditing and Compliance Bandwagon

BAI Security: Leading the Secu...

Prior to 2017, industries ranging from film production to healthcare witnessed a record-breaking surge in cyber-attacks.  State-sponsored attacks used brute force tactics that resulted in embarra

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CSPi's ARIA SDS platform to transform the cybersecurity world

CSPi's ARIA SDS platform to tr...

Cybersecurity technology and methods are struggling to catch up with the way organizations build and deploy critical applications today. There is a need for a better approach to protect applications a

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Cybersecurity: Securing Personal Information

Cybersecurity: Securing Person...

Technology has come a long way. The advancement of technology has paved the way for much more development in the fields of medicine, transportation, economics, finance, and many more. Along with the m

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Cyber security is failing society

Cyber security is failing soci...

Cyber security is failing society.The unsustainable level of cyber-crime, cyber espionage, and cyber war is a serious issue with the potential to drastically impact the fabric of our society. 

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How cybercriminals hacking the electrical grid could become a grim reality in the not-so-distant future

How cybercriminals hacking the...

It''s no exaggeration to say that without access to electricity, almost every developed nation on earth would grind to a halt. A well running, and well protected, electrical grid is crucial fo

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What can your barista teach us about security solutions?

What can your barista teach us...

Millions of people all over the world rely on coffee for a functioning work day. This is, to say the least, stating the obvious. People''s accepted addiction to coffee is the subject of a multi-billio

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It's the Place Where Everyone Knows Your Name

It's the Place Where Everyone ...

Cheers was a popular television show based on characters that stopped by the bar in Boston named “Cheers.” The bartender knew their names and what each wanted to drink and where they would

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Why Every Organization Needs to Be in the Cybersecurity Business

Why Every Organization Needs t...

Don’t read this post, instead take action on cybersecurity right now It’s a widely believed view by leaders that their organization is either one that has already experienced a cyber-

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The Holy Grail of Cyber Prevention

The Holy Grail of Cyber Preven...

With the malware variant WannaCry still wreaking havoc across the globe, most business leaders are finding themselves discussing Cybersecurity within their organization. As these types of

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Don't let the lights go out - Cybersecurity readiness of Electric Grids

Don't let the lights go out - ...

The U.S. Energy Department's landmark Quadrennial Energy Review warned that a widespread power outage caused by a cyber-attack could undermine "critical defense infrastructure" as wel

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Cyber-security and Privacy, 2020

Cyber-security and Privacy, 20...

Today We live in an era of ever-increasing cyber security threats and data breaches. As security professionals we know that it is not whether our systems have been compromised as much as it is w

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Creating a Culture of Cybersecurity

Creating a Culture of Cybersec...

The rise in corporate cyber-attacks costs businesses billions of dollars per year. From startups to large publicly-traded corporations, it is rare that a day goes by without another story of a cyberse

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