Top 10 Innovative AI Solution Providers 2018

A key feature that differentiates us humans from everything else in the world is intelligence; an ability to understand information, apply knowledge and use skills to our advantage. Intelligence has played a primary role in the evolution, establishment, and propagation of human civilization. Besides, with the exponential advancement in technology, man has been able to create super-intelligent computing machines that match the way humans think. Computers today not only have a higher speed, are more compact, and have a range of applications for diverse domains, they also replicate the way humans learn, decide and solve problems. The birth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has completely revolutionized the way people work, and research is leading towards something far more advanced - the creation of machines that can do everything humans can.

Given the endless possibilities that AI provides, companies are seeing a rise in the investment of AI technology. However, despite how AI has transformed businesses, it still holds a plethora of challenges and risks. From sophisticated data mining processes and lack of emotional intelligence to poor collaboration and unaffordability, these are just some of the hurdles that stand in the way of AI realizing its full potential.