White Code Labs: Helping You Build Better Businesses

White Code Labs: Helping You Build Better Businesses

Data and Big Data Analytics will be one of the most important assets for organizations in the future. In order to find new revenue opportunities, optimize end-to-end customer experience, improve marketing and operational efficiencies, to gain competitive advantage and to engage workforce businesses would need data and analytics. 

Big Data Analytics technologies and techniques provide businesses with means to analyze raw data and derive useful, relevant information for decision-making.

White Code Labs: Your Data Analytics Transformation Partner 
The brainchild of Andy Chaudhuri, White Code Labs, started off as a software development firm, providing software consulting services to SMEs and enterprises, and developing consumer software applications. 

Today, this California-based, technology B2B company is a one-stop-shop for all your technology needs, from product design and software development, to cloud services, Big Data and API management services.

The company is developing a personalized news platform, a consumer application, for web and mobile devices, for the news segment that is completely data-driven. All forms of data - from students' performance to course details, to skills and to interests - are well documented and stored at the backend of the application and analyzed. This application will be able to predict how a student will perform in the future. Based on the results it can guide them about what they need to focus on, whether it is on new skills, or topics or other areas. 

The Company has also developed “Red Dolphin”, an enterprise-based, data enrichment solution, and has deployed it on a few retail organizations and online marketplace. Red Dolphin is a data enrichment, software solution, helping organizations offer and predict, accurate product recommendations for their customers. 

“White Code Labs is a typical software company, but we also develop products. We have been developing consumer applications that are available on the app stores of Google and Apple. On the other hand, we also have been focusing on enterprise services and solutions for the last three years. We are working with several established enterprise organizations in the healthcare, retail, education and BFSI sectors,” says Andy Chaudhuri, Founder, and Director, White Code Labs.

“Today banks are not very keen on investing a lot of money in developing new products in-house. Instead, they seek a partner, who is capable and aware of how to deal with sensitive data, to develop products for them. We make technology that can integrate seamlessly with businesses. As a technology partner, we work hand-in-hand with them to support their growth,” notes Andy.

Meet the Founder: Andy Chaudhuri
Anurag "Andy" Chaudhuri, a 2013 graduate of religious studies from DePauw University, founded White Code Labs in 2013. In 2014, he created Pinster, a location-saving, and sharing application. In 2017, Andy invented Stream 41, a blockchain-based, live-video streaming platform, built on the ethereum blockchain.

Andy has a Master's degree in Information Technology from the University of Redlands and a Masters in Software Engineering from Penn State University. He is also the inventor of Emily's application, developed on top of remote control, locking and unlocking technology, and has worked with several credit unions and community banks.

Strong R&D Focus and Consumer-friendly Apps Set White Code Labs Apart from Competitors

White Code Labs was awarded as one of the 'Top 10 Cloud Hybrid Integration Solution Providers' by Cloud Technology Insights, alongside Microsoft, Amazon AWS, Rackspace, and Digital Ocean.

“We focus a lot on R&D, on developing cost-effective and easy visualization tools, and on staying ahead in terms of technology. Our applications also offer continuous monitoring of data, among other features. Once data is visualized and analyzed, the next period of analysis occurs after a while. Most applications tend to miss this step. In order to keep track on it, our application constantly notifies the user about the data that is being tracked or analyzed. Once those data are accounted for, or tracked or analyzed on time, the automation process happens quickly. It gets automated into numbers, graphs, indexes or charts that the end-user can understand easily,” explains Andy.

Challenges and the Future Roadmap

The company is all set to release a news application for consumers. Along with rich user experience, and personalization for every user, the application will be data-driven and developed on top of the Machine Learning technology. The company is also looking forward to work on, the Red Dolphin solution, and excited to deploy it on retail organizations.

Along-with, the above two applications, and platform, the company is also excited to release a data-driven weather application. Not only can the user be able to fetch details regarding air pollution, wind, and temperature, but it will also help them know how the weather was on that particular day over the past few years. This application will be able to predict whether there would be a rainfall, what would be the wind’s speed etc. This could be a great application for those who are planning outdoor events or to go fishing. The company is also working with a sporting company to develop a new application.

“We are an innovation company that brings ideas to life. We are facing a few challenges when it comes to engineering and development, but we are very optimistic about our future. Our mission is simple: to make software technology an asset for your business and for your corporation. We work together with clients in a very secure way creating new projects and applications for them,” adds Andy.

One of the most difficult challenges the company faced during the initial days was to identify the pain point of clients. With experience and technology, it is now able to detect the issue and address it effectively. White Code Labs understands that each industry comes with different sets of problems and that the solution and approach to those problems should be different too.

“We go through a few rounds of conversation with the clients before designing the identity text solution for them. White Code Labs is a customer-centric company. We will continue our focus on the right community and right users and make customizable applications for businesses’ growth," notes Andy.


In the next five years, the company sees itself as a strong player in the consumer market. This California-based, B2B technology company is planning to make a stronger presence in North America and is all set to foray into the European and Asian markets too. 

“Asian countries are facing numerous problems in terms of automation and harnessing the accurate and relevant solutions, so we are planning to provide the best solutions and products to them. I see a very good user demand for our products in the coming years, especially since we deliver the value propositions that people like – rich user experience, engagement, and data-driven analytics and solutions,” Andy signs off.