We Help Brokers Make Informed Decisions

We Help Brokers Make Informed Decisions

For years, accessing critical data has been a major challenge. Now, as technology increasingly solves that problem, many people find themselves overwhelmed. Real estate brokers are no different.

They struggle to aggregate data, understand what it means, and use it to make more intelligent business decisions.

While a customer relationship management (CRM) platform could be the answer to these problems, you might want to Rethink your choice. Rethink, a commercial real estate CRM and deal management platform provider, brings a combination of purpose-built CRM, CRE tools, integrations, and partnerships to help clients close more deals.

How Rethink Can Help Identity and Close Deals Faster

Rethink Core is a dealmaking platform purpose-built for commercial real estate. It simplifies prospecting, pipeline management, reporting, and analytics, among others.

"Rethink’s reporting and analytics capabilities make it easy for users to understand which activities lead to closed deals, how they are progressing toward key goals, how each representative is performing, and how revenue forecasts are trending by month, quarter, and year,” says Vijay Mehra, CEO, Rethink.

Rethink Intelligence can integrate data on more than 8.5 million commercial properties with Rethink Core.

Together, these help brokers to:

  • Gain Critical Market Intelligence: Rethink Intelligence can pull over 300,000 unique data sets to give brokers unprecedented insight into current market conditions. It helps them identify properties that meet a client's requirements, at a faster rate.
  • Strengthen Negotiations: Rethink helps brokers understand the specifications of a property and transaction prices of similar properties. This provides them better negotiation capabilities.
  • Craft Relevant and Engaging Marketing Collateral: With better insight into properties, Rethink helps brokers to create marketing materials that is relevant to the community.
  • Improve Property Tours: Rethink's mobile application allows brokers to access data in real-time and answer prospects’ questions while touring.

Rethink: We Help You Maximize Value for Clients

Traditionally, brokers relied on manual processes, such as paper notes, emails, spreadsheets, etc., to manage property deals.

"Manual processes cause critical tasks and follow-ups to fall through the cracks. It’s cumbersome to keep up with everything with any real consistency," Scott Carter, Chief Strategy Officer, Rethink.

Rethink helps brokers through:

  • Configurability: Rethink offers tailored products to support every customer’s goals and processes.
  • Ease of Use: Rethink's platform is easy to use and quick to access. 
  • Integrations: Rethink developed a partnership ecosystem that allows it to integrate with key commercial real estate (CRE) solutions. Its API also allows custom integrations.
  • Support: Rethink ensures clients get the most out of their solution starting from day one. 

“We understand brokers are busy. They juggle prospects, clients, deals, properties, cap rate analyses, and more. They use multiple platforms and applications and it becomes difficult to track and form a decision in a way that maximizes value for your clients. Our solutions are user friendly and integrate with multiple platforms. We make their job easy," adds Vijay. 

Rethink Helps President of IMAIM CAPITAL Gain 10X the Value of His Time

Nathaniel Korn, President of IMAIM CAPITAL in Miami, Florida, relied on paper- and spreadsheet-based documentation practices. However, as the business grew he found himself bogged down by the daily tasks of keeping his business running.

Rethink is designed to systemize the processes and workflows needed to sustain a successful CRE firm. It empowered him to grow a team and focus on big-picture strategy. Rethink also enabled him to use the tool to empower his firm’s growth.

“It’s a platform for our team to work together, communicate, and organize operations. It helps us take the pulse of our business and get better at what we do — whether that’s raising more money, managing more properties, providing better service to our tenants, or lowering our costs. We’re always trying to figure out new ways to be more productive and efficient, and Rethink is a piece of that puzzle. A big piece,” says Nathaniel

Future Outlook

The real estate sector can benefit from technology in overcoming the data challenge brokers face. Rethink understands that artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) tools can transform critical data into easy-to-understand insights.

“Our roadmap includes AI and ML. We’re focused on making life easier for our clients. That has driven every product decision we have made to this point, and it will only get better from here,” concludes Vijay.

Headquarters: Austin, Texas, United States

Website: www.rethinkcrm.com