Ultra Electronics, 3eTI WiFiProtect Earns NIAP Common Criteria Certification

Ultra Electronics, 3eTI WiFiProtect Earns NIAP Common Criteria Certification

3eTI now offers the only wireless devices to be certified for NIAP’s Extended Package for Wireless LAN Access System protection profile

Rockville, MD (October 1, 2018) -- Ultra Electronics, 3eTI®, a leading cyber-technology company with products and solutions that secure critical infrastructure in industrial and government markets, today announced the successful completion of the Common Criteria evaluation of WiFiProtect (formerly known as AirGuard) 3e-520 series of wireless mesh radios, Validation ID 10859.

3eTI provides custom communication solutions that can be configured for wireless, self-healing, self-configuring mesh networking. The company’s WiFiProtect secure wireless networks series is a portfolio of robust, military-grade, secure mesh network devices optimized for rugged-outdoor, enterprise, and industrial automation and control environments.

Overseen by the NIAP, the rigorous evaluation was executed by an independent third-party in accordance with the Common Criteria Evaluation and Validation Scheme (CCEVS) requirements and guidance. This certification is significant as it makes evaluated commercial products available for National Security System (NSS) Procurement according to the Committee on National Security Systems Policy #11. It also defines 3eTI’s WiFiProtect 525N and 523N devices as the only wireless devices to be certified for National Information Assurance Partnership’s (NIAP) Common Criteria protection profile: Extended Package for Wireless LAN Access System.

“Third-party certifications are vital to ensuring that products have been thoroughly tested and meet stringent security and assurance requirements for our customers. These independent performance validations substantially reduce the business risk in introducing devices into networks,” said Charlene Mowery, CISM, and vice president of global business and marketing for Ultra Electronics, 3eTI.

The WiFiProtect secure wireless devices were also tested based on a number of environmental strengths including a security audit, cryptographic support, identification and authentication, security management, Protection of TSF, TOE Access, as well as a number of trusted paths/channels. Upon completion, it was concluded that WiFiProtect demonstrated it meets the security requirements contained in the Security Target.

“The NIAP Common Criteria certification for the WiFiProtect wireless access points reinforce our commitment to delivering products that meet the stringent security and assurance requirements of our government, military and industrial customers,” said Ana Maria Montalvo, director of engineering, Ultra Electronics, 3eTI.

About Ultra Electronics, 3eTI

Ultra Electronics, 3eTI is a leading provider of military-grade secure communications that enable critical systems security, infrastructure security, and facilities management for the defense, government, utilities and industrial markets worldwide. 3eTI’s product portfolio includes net-centric and OEM products that enable comprehensive data protection for a wide range of defense and industrial applications such as secure wireless mesh networks, industrial sensor networks, cybersecurity, and perimeter security solutions approved for use by the most stringent and demanding customers, including the US military. For more information, visit ultra-3eti.com, and follow the company on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Ultra Electronics, 3eTI is part of the Ultra Electronics Group, a world-leading group of businesses operating in the Defense & Aerospace, Security & Cyber, and Transport & Energy markets.



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