The Modern Cybersecurity Problem

The Modern Cybersecurity Problem

We are in the era of the connected vehicle. Connected cars are here to stay, and autonomous vehicles are fast approaching. One forecast goes as far as predicting 117 million new connected vehicles will be produced by 2019. This evolving industry has already given rise to more than 280 million connected cars and HCVs. While such rapid growth in encouraging, protecting connected and autonomous vehicles should be a priority.

A given connected vehicle uses approximately 100 million lines of code, and around 100 Electronic Control Units (ECUs). The complex LAN like network in connected cars has enormous processing power, data storage capabilities, and levels of communication between channels on the same network. With such extensive networks, connected vehicles have become targets for hackers who can create disruption remotely. These attacks allow hackers to hold vehicles for ransom, cause drivers to lose control, and can create injurious or deadly collisions.

About GuardKnox

Based in Ramla, Israel, GuardKnox is addressing this problem using their extensive experience and in-depth expertise. With over 50 years in collective experience in military-grade cyber security from the Israeli Air Force, GuardKnox has positioned itself on the forefront of the automotive cybersecurity industry. According to CEO Moshe Shlisel, “While current solutions are focused on detecting known attacks, GuardKnox solutions focus on stopping any attack before it even enters the networks. Our vision is to become the leading provider of in-depth security solutions for connected and autonomous vehicles.” Tier 1s, OEMs, Telematics Providers, large fleets, and insurance providers have all taken notice of GuardKnox’s unique solution.

GuardKnox’s Unique Cybersecurity Solution

GuardKnox’s unique approach   provide a multi domain controller platform that they call the Secure Network Orchestrator (SNO). Through their patented technology, Communication Lockdown™, GuardKnox is able to both secure the vehicle and enable real-time customization of it. GuardKnox’s SNO offers the most secure hosting platform for users to securely download programs from the OEM App store and host upgrades of their capabilities such as suspension, horsepower, traction, and other components. GuardKnox’s SNO enables Tier 1 suppliers to offer a secure, certified, and time-tested platform to their customers. It is a cyber security solution to the entire network in the vehicle, securing ECUs that provide services, and deals with data all while fully complying to GDPR and other security services such as encryption key management and more. As the number of infotainment and telematics units continues to skyrocket to a record 65 million, GuardKnox’s secure platform will become ever more important.

Being a fully scalable solution and agnostic to communication protocols such as CAN bus, LIN, or even Ethernet, the GuardKnox SNO can operate in any communication environment with a closed system. “Because we come from Gigabit Ethernet over fiber environment we have been able to secure automotive Ethernet and have been recognized by illustrious OEMs as the only solution to do so,” says Shlisel. GuardKnox has three separate patents. The Communication LockdownTM methodology (Software), hardware architecture, and Service Oriented Architecture in vehicles. These patented technologies house a myriad of market use-cases ranging from drones to spaceships.

Communication Lockdown™

The goal of the Communication Lockdown™ approach to automotive cyber security is to eliminate risks to the safety and security of the vehicle. This goal is achieved by enforcing a formally verified and deterministic configuration of communication among the various networks of the vehicle.

The Communication Lockdown™ methodology presents an innovative approach to automotive security. The Lockdown methodology enforces the allowed “legal” communication, while being completely agnostic to attacks. The core functionality is deterministic, thus preventing any possibility of attacks causing changes in functionality.

GuardKnox approach to vehicle cybersecurity is to provide a centralized solution which locks down all internal network communication. It also includes a local solution to protect single ECUs. The single ECU protection is provided through a simple ‘plug-in’ device that connects to ECU’s that have external connectivity. This way, all external network communication is ‘locked down’. Such implementations lead to consolidation, lower complexity, easier certification and overall cost reduction. GuardKnox Technology and software stack can be implemented in various hardware architectures, and therefore eases the integration process to existing automotive computers.

The firm continues to work to strengthen security against rising cyber threats and the potential damage or loss of life from hacks to connected vehicles.