The Era of Single Sign-On Technology [Infographic]

The Era of Single Sign-On Technology [Infographic]

How many online accounts do you manage? Of these, how many do you access every day, or even multiple times per day? In this Internet-driven age, the process of signing into an online account is one that has become almost as natural as saying hello to people you meet. The more accounts we have, though, the more login combinations we need to remember – and with hackers becoming so sophisticated in their methods, using the same logins for multiple accounts is akin to leaving a key under the mat for even a rookie burglar to find.

The login process is now a lot quicker with the advent of single sign-on (SSO) technology, which reduces the number of times a user is required to enter login details to access online resources. A common form of SSO which you may have already experienced is two-factor authentication, in which the standard entry of login details is followed by a short code being sent to a second device. This way, even if a hacker can infiltrate your login details, they won’t be able to access what they want as the verification code is on your person only.

SSO vastly reduces the number of username and password combinations that a person needs to remember, which makes it less likely that they’ll carry a swarm of login details on their phone from being unable to memorise their logins. It makes the sign-in process a lot quicker for users and it saves IT support staff a huge deal of work as they’ll spend far less time fielding calls relating to forgotten passwords or account hacks.

This infographic from The Missing Link offers a simplified overview of SSO technology and explains how it can be implemented effectively.  

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