TachTech: Your Trusted IT Security Partner

TachTech: Your Trusted IT Security Partner

Ranked, by Inc. Magazine, as one of the fastest-growing private companies in the US for five consecutive years, San Francisco-based TachTech is all set to conquer its next milieu in information technology (IT) security world.

TachTech is passionate about trust, security, and privacy in the digital world. Effective security program design, execution, and compliance can be major challenges. TachTech brings the integrity, relationships, technology and knowledge required to simplify execution and deliver optimal results. TachTech strives to be the highest performing global information security services provider and value-added reseller in the marketplace.

TachTech - Solutions and Services

TachTech specializes in information security products and services that address:

i) Application and Cloud Security

The paradigm shift to on-demand elastic public cloud infrastructure has provided an opportunity for efficiency gains but has also created new challenges to secure data, maintain compliance and optimize costs. Public cloud vendors offer multi-factorial pricing plans that are often designed to socially engineer specific usage patterns of their services that increase the cost. It is valuable to understand and manage an optimal procurement and use strategy to derive maximum value from the shift to the cloud.

The challenge of meeting security and compliance requirements in the cloud requires specialized expertise and additional investment. TachTech offers solutions to gain unprecedented visibility and control of cloud, hybrid, and serverless environments to improve security and control costs.

ii) Identity Management

Identity management and access control present great challenges in the complex and constantly changing landscape of on-premise, cloud, hybrid, SaaS, and multi-device access environments.  The ability to accurately and securely verify an entity's identity and provide authentication, authorization and effective auditing is key to ensuring an organization's security and compliance mandates.  Ensuring the principle of least privileges and ensuring efficient provisioning and de-provisioning of accounts can be complex and is critical to an organization’s efficiency and security.

Guaranteeing accounts are audited over time to validate their continued need for existence and their level of access is an area that must be addressed.  There are many stories of account abuse by former employees who maintain access to environments either through access which wasn’t revoked or abuse of unused service accounts causing major exposures to organizations.  

Maintaining positive control over the identities and access controls in an organization can be a complex and daunting task without the right technologies, people and processes. The good news is that there are existing and emerging technologies and best practices that can reduce the friction in solving these challenges and providing greater security.

iii) Applied Security Analytics and Response Orchestration

Security threats arrive with increasing complexity, volume, and velocity - their subsequent alerts come from disparate and ever-changing tools that are challenging to manage. Making matters worse, there is a significant gap in the availability of skilled resources to investigate and address these alerts. By trying to solve the problem with increased visibility, alert triage, improved security analytics, and automation the net effect has been to optimize SOCs and bring them to a more autonomous state.

TachTech's "Harmony" managed services for security operations, allow simplification and optimization of core functions within the security program. TachTech also offers a proprietary model to fully assess a SOC-- people, process, and technology.

This approach ensures that the SOC investment properly aligns with the risk protection strategy of the organization. It also optimizes the benefits delivered by the security team, reduces resources needed to scale, improves incident response capacity, and allows Security Operations Teams to shift from incident response to continuous monitoring, threat hunting, and validation.

TachTech: What's in Store for Future

Security innovation will follow the path that is seen in other areas of technical innovation, such as general information technology and the DevOps. Information security programs are increasingly adopting and relying on cloud computing, automation, machine learning, and AI. Modern security programs are mindful of the dynamic workforce, the information security talent gap, technical innovation and the dynamics of the ever-changing threat and compliance landscape.

"We see a lot of demand around cloud, SOC optimization, addressing compliance demands especially around trust/privacy, and an emerging growth segment around the internet of things (IoT). Today’s solutions promise more automation, integration, and speed than ever before, but it is changing the work experience to require more care and feeding of the complex systems that in theory enable fewer people to accomplish more with greater ease of use," says Sean Patrick, Director of Solutions Architecture, TachTech.

TachTech is seeing customer traction across a broad range of verticals, especially from technology and compliance-driven verticals, such as health and financial enterprises. The company is also experiencing more traction in its emerging services category where offerings are designed to address the growing talent gap in cybersecurity.

TachTech: Leadership Team

Kyle Rosenthal, CEO, and Founder has been involved with the information security community for over twenty years. He is a known and trusted individual across the cybersecurity landscape, and is recognized for encouraging community building, high-integrity business practices, and solving hard problems. Kyle has led the TachTech team since its inception in 2010.

Kenneth “Sean” Patrick, Director of Solutions Architecture, brings deep technical expertise with over twenty years of hands-on experience managing security programs for local and foreign governments, aerospace and enterprises. His experience includes Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and Honeywell Aerospace.


TachTech is committed to deliver and adapt solutions that position clients for optimal performance, security, and sustainable competitive advantage. The company’s approach aligns technology innovation, best practices, and global logistics with each client's unique constraints and business strategy.

“TachTech brings the integrity, relationships, technology and knowledge required to simplify execution and deliver optimal results. In addition, clients appreciate our global delivery capabilities and the ability to operate in multiple currencies. We strive to be the highest performing global information security services provider and value-added reseller,” Kyle Rosenthal signs off.

Headquarters/Location: San Francisco, California, USA

Website: www.tachtech.net