SudoLynx: Committed to Making Cyber Security Compliance Easy and Affordable

SudoLynx: Committed to Making Cyber Security Compliance Easy and Affordable

The U.S. Government is making cyber security compliance mandatory for all business’ interested in future contracts, as defined by NIST Pub 800-171.  For the Department of Defense, that deadline expired on Dec, 31st, 2017 and yet many Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) still fall short due to limited expertise of resources.  SMEs that fail to meet the necessary federal cybersecurity requirements face the prospect of lost business opportunities and possible legal action if government data is compromised or stolen. 

Colorado Springs-based startup - SudoLynx has been addressing this very challenge for SMEs, by being the first to offer an out-sourced NIST 800-171 monitoring service that is 100% compliant.  Much like Dropbox - the renowned cloud data storage provider, SudoLynx created a virtually secure bank vault called LynxLocker™.  Like a real bank, customers rent virtual safety deposit boxes to protect valuable documents, with SudoLynx providing the data and network security.  As described by the architect, Rich Kuskye, SudoLynx’ CTO, “This is a simple, elegant technical solution where the only actions taken by the SME is to segment the data they want protected on their network, inform us who has access to that data, and we do the rest”.  This eliminates the need for hiring cyber security professionals, costly tools, and home-grown cyber security solutions that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.  More importantly, SudoLynx protects the data without seeing the data, and only charges for the service when you need it – saving SMEs the high cost of maintaining their own cyber security solution.    

Founded by its CEO - Mr. Greg Roman, and CTO - Mr. Rich Kuskye, SudoLynx is committed to helping clients with true technical solutions free of deficiencies, or Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&Ms) in industry parlance.  “We hate POA&Ms and find that if we go right to solution, clients do not have the added expense of self-assessments and documenting compliancy deficiencies – we build true POA&M free compliant solutions”, said Mr. Roman. He added, “With monthly service fees as low as $1000 a month, we can offer 12 years of cybersecurity service for what most companies spend in one year to build their own solution.”

LynxLocker™ - Sudolynx’s flagship product is an automated cybersecurity system that alleviates the burden of SMEs who are looking to get compliant and need to do so quickly.  LynxLocker™ meets all 110 cybersecurity controls and associated policy letters - customers only pay for the service when they have a contractual requirement that demands it.  In addition to protecting government sensitive data, LynxLocker™ can also protect additional information such as company proprietary information and employee personal privacy information.  As a closed-loop, self-contained virtual environment, LynxLocker’s™ Cyber Security-as-a-Service comes with features such as multi-factor authentication, real-time monitoring, full Office 365 functionality, and incident response ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability at the highest levels.

Satisfied customers call this a no-brainer and the best investment they have ever made.  Mr. Roman predicts within the next 3-5 years, all SMEs will outsource their cyber security compliance requirements.  “Most SMEs recognize the value in outsourcing functions such as payroll, because of cost and complexity, so at some point they will also recognize the value in outsourcing their cyber security needs for the same reasons,” believes Mr. Roman.

With successful visionary leadership, solution deployments, and an expanding product portfolio and client base, SudoLynx is not resting on its laurels. In addition to federal market growth, the firm is already planning on applying the same winning technical solutions to adjacent markets, including financial and healthcare markets.