Simplify and Streamline your Recruitment Process

Simplify and Streamline your Recruitment Process

The Covid-19 pandemic is rapidly changing how we work. In turn, it is also affecting how we recruit.

In-person interviews are quickly becoming digital, and on-boarding is moving online. However, despite these changes, providing a positive candidate experience should still be a top priority.

The traditional recruiting methods, such as walk-ins, paper resumes, manual trackings, etc. often slow down the recruiting process. Many studies prove that recruiters lose qualified candidates due to a lengthy hiring process.

While the pandemic did cause initial distress in terms of job losses, many industries, especially retail, hospitality, and healthcare, are seeing an increased and continuous need for hourly, contingent, and part-time workforce. Companies need to streamline the entire recruiting process, from job posting, to interview scheduling, and onboarding, all in order to make faster hiring decisions.

Apploi provides a platform that simplifies the hiring process for high-volume, service-oriented businesses. “We are a one-stop-shop for companies hiring; starting with job board integration to optimizing candidate acquisition, to tracking, communicating, and onboarding,” says Adam Lewis, CEO.

Apploi: Bridging the Gap Between Recruiters and Job Seekers

Apploi was originally launched as a job market platform in 2014. In 2018, the company relaunched itself as a software-as-a-service platform meant for high-volume industries. It helps companies to recruit successfully by offering a platform that helps recruiters and hiring managers to:

1. Source and Attract: Apploi enables companies to automate job postings across 50+ job boards and social websites, including Indeed, Google for Jobs, Careerbuilder, Facebook, Glassdoor, SimplyHired, and ZipRecruiter, with just one click. Candidates can apply directly from job boards with automated screening.

Apploi allows recruiters to design specific screening questions for each job as well. Candidates can submit their responses in multiple formats, including video. Apploi helps recruiters capture an applicant’s information offline and also enables them to filter applicants by reviewing their materials and responses. Other functionalities include:

  • Job boosting onto other websites and track performance
  • Integration with a company's website and marketing campaigns
  • Mobile-friendly jobs landing pages
  • Perfectly designed application to drive conversion – 87% average
  • Capturing candidates offline with Hiring Cards, Snapcodes, and QR codes

"Our platform allows companies to integrate with job boards and reach out to prospective candidates with just one-click. Recruiters can review, manage, communicate, and onboard applicants with user-friendly and automated features and workflows," says Jay Zachter, President.

2. Manage, Communicate, Schedule: With Apploi, recruiters, and hiring managers can stay on top of all their recruitment activities with detailed tracking for each candidate. Apploi's pre-set message templates enable recruiters to text and email candidates, without having to leave the platform, at any point during the hiring process. Other functionalities include:

  • Filter, review, and create notes and tasks to move candidates through workflow and make offers before competitors
  • Schedule interviews using Apploi's calendar integration “Recruiters can create and post mobile-optimized job postings on our website. We distribute these job postings to recruiting sites. Apploi then manages communication, interview scheduling, onboarding, etc.,” says Chirag Patel, CTO. Apploi.

3. Offer and Hire: Apploi can streamline documents and allow recruiters to access them from the platform. All of the candidate’s information is stored within Apploi, so recruiters do not need to manually create a new record for new hire on-boarding. Recruiters can also track each task that is associated with the onboarding process. Other features include:

  • Create and update offer letters
  • Allow candidates to complete and sign forms electronically, from any device
  • Track responses from each form
  • Automated and integrated background checks
  • Store candidate data in a centralized location

“We are focused on the high volume, or hourly positions, in situations where candidates may not have conventional resumes, and hiring is conducted in a more decentralized way,” adds Chirag.

4. Analyze: Apploi's platform provides candidate totals at every stage of a recruiting workflow. The analytics tools help recruiters track the number of interested candidates per job board.

Other features include:

  • Recruiter and hiring manager engagement
  • Track candidate sources
  • Clarity on ROI of boosted jobs

5. Credential: Apploi provides organizations a fast and easy way to monitor, verify, and share their team’s

credentials. It can help:

  • eliminate redundancies and reduce the average credentialing turnaround time from 90 days to 5 days or less
  • decrease overhead by eliminating paper and automating credential verification
  • maintain facility compliance, expedite on-boarding, and prevent patient care delays

“We built this company working closely with our customers. We understood the struggles they were facing and could adapt our features to help. All accounts have a dedicated customer success manager, and our team constantly does everything needed to make sure every account is held to the same standard to improve their hiring processes,” adds Adam.

Apploi Helps Aventura Health Group Reach Candidates 2X faster

Aventura Health Group, a Pennsylvania-based healthcare provider, was finding it difficult to quickly respond to qualified candidates during their recruitment process, ultimately resulting in them losing qualified candidates.

Aventura Health Group implemented Apploi’s platform and increased its overall recruitment efforts by 75%. They can now reach their candidates 2X faster through Apploi’s texting feature, from anywhere at any time.

"The biggest thing when you're recruiting is getting back to people right away. My favorite feature is the text feature. We have not been able to reach so many people in real-time with any other system," says Robin Manigualt, HR Director, Aventura Health Group.