SecureAuth and Core Security Create A Visual Revolution in the Identity Governance and Administration Space with New Visual Identity Suite

SecureAuth and Core Security Create A Visual Revolution in the Identity Governance and Administration Space with New Visual Identity Suite

SecureAuth Corp and Core Security, the leader in Identity Security Automation, today announced the availability of the Visual Identity Suite (VIS) - a new approach that accelerates and improves accuracy of role design and certifications, with the ability to visually see user access and entitlements. This is the latest product release in the category of Identity Security Automation – an identity-first approach to security.

"Role design and access certification is a critical element of identity governance and administration programs. It bridges the business and security question of ‘who has access to what,’ and ‘who needs and doesn’t need access,’" said Keith Graham, chief technology officer of SecureAuth and Core Security. "Users with too much access pose a security risk because they can access applications and systems that they shouldn’t. Users with too little access have productivity issues and the inability to fully function in their role. The Visual Identity Suite simply meets the need of all organizations who seek to strengthen security while improving business ability."

A Better Way That Improves Accuracy and Efficiency

For the first time, CISOs and IT professionals can move beyond the old way of endless spreadsheets, to a new graphic visualization where they can clearly and quickly see common user entitlements and rapidly identify outliers. Initial observational studies prove that VIS users with the ability to literally ‘see’ role design and certifications had twice as much accuracy and reduced time spent on reviewing by 50%.
"Identity governance and administration programs can be controlled by many approaches: few would offer mind-numbing governance by spreadsheets or the ‘approve-all’ rubber-stamping approach as ‘best practice’ as they expose a company to a vast amount of risk," said Frank Dickson, Research VP of Security Products at IDC. "SecureAuth and Core Security’s release of the Visual Identity Suite takes a solution-based approach to alleviating certification fatigue. Anyone who has worked for a large organization with lots of employees across various operational groups and geographies knows how tedious and inaccurate some of the existing approaches can be. The ability to visualize, group and rapidly certify empowers those managing access certification." 

A Welcomed New Approach for Digital Business Transformation

The release is the latest in a series of announcements aligned to the rapidly emerging category of Identity Security Automation. With an identity-first approach C-levels and IT security professionals can effectively and appropriately allow respective employees, customers, and partners in, while efficiently keeping attackers out. It allows for enhanced identification and scrutiny of at-risk accounts, accelerated response to threats, and an overall reduction in security risk across the enterprise.

"With worldwide security spending rising, yet the number of breaches also increasing there is a fundamental issue in the security market. The old way simply isn’t working and a better approach is needed," said Jeff Kukowski, chief executive offer of SecureAuth and Core Security. "Having spent a lot of time working with enterprises that are trying to reconcile their increasing cyber security spending against challenging results, the idea of Identity Security Automation is a much-welcomed approach as it balances the need to secure the business with the need to enable and grow the business. We approach organizations with a different and more integrated approach to securing the enterprise with a more automated surgical response at critical points of risk."