SYNCHR: The Future of Human Capital Management Technology

SYNCHR: The Future of Human Capital Management Technology

The news is out about a hot new company that is changing the way Human Resources (HR) does business. Meet SyncHR, the revolutionary Human Capital Management (HCM) solution that drives the connection between payroll, benefits, and talent acquisition into one powerful HR platform.

SyncHR’s different approach to both the technology and service is making some big waves in the market, beating out vendors like ADP, Ultimate Software, Ceridian, and even Workday and Oracle.

What’s the secret sauce behind the business success? Here are the three ingredients: leadership, technology, and customer experience.


When you meet SyncHR CEO Pam Glick, it becomes clear that she is the right person to lead the change. Glick has the intuition, vision, and passion to help right the wrongs that have long plagued the HR industry.

“The current systems offered to HR professionals today do not line up with their philosophy that their employees are their most important asset,” said Glick.

“Many of the systems being used today are extremely complex and don’t serve the core needs of the company when day-to-day chaos and real-world issues arise,” she explained. “It became obvious that the software was not designed by HR, for HR.”

During a chance meeting in 2009 with SyncHR founders, Gary Durbin and John Cuellar, Glick realized she found two people who shared her perspective about the industry, and had a plan to fix what is broken.

“The founders of SyncHR knew the software serving the industry was broken and fundamentally flawed, and they had a radically new approach to actually fix it,” explained Glick. “I knew this was it. SyncHR was onto something great, and I wanted to be a part of it.”

Shortly after, Glick took on the role as CEO, and the rest is history. Since Glick has taken over the helm, the company has disrupted the mid-market HCM industry. Glick is engaging businesses and partners nationwide to ensure their success, powered by the company’s leading-edge technology.