Readying the Voice Technology Revolution

By Tommaso Valletti, Chief Competition Economist, European Commission

Readying the Voice Technology Revolution

With a market set to be worth $127 billion by 2024, the impact of voice technology is just starting to be realised in customers’ lives. Providing frictionless interaction, voice is creating an opportunity for closer and more personal connections with the customer, and is allowing organisations to establish even greater brand engagement. As a new paradigm emerges, make sure you’re prepared by tuning into this broadcast.


  • What are the most exciting opportunities that voice presents?
  • In what ways will voice revolutionise customers’ relationship with technology?
  • What are current customer attitudes and how can uptake be encouraged?
  • Today’s voice landscape: current use cases and future opportunities
  • Voice and AI: gauging current technological maturity
  • Diving deep in data: ensuring security and extracting insights
  • How can businesses thrive when adapting to the voice-driven world?
  • Is voice the missing link for the lifestyle portal?

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