Optimize Workforce Planning, Scheduling and Deployment

Optimize Workforce Planning, Scheduling and Deployment

Softworks offers customers detailed and real-time information on their workforce, resulting in faster decision-making, improved scheduling, and better cost and budget management.

Workforce management planning and decisions require accurate real-time information. It is extremely difficult to effectively manage the workforce without detailed information on employee time, attendance, absences, activities, skills, and scheduling.

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a major disruption in the business world. Having a proper handle on workforce costs and productivity will be critical to the success of organizations post-Covid-19. Planning for the future requires the ability to build your workforce in a way that ensures that they are optimized under different and varied scenarios and conditions.

"We are currently working with our customers to prepare for post-Covid-19. Now is the time to plan for different scenarios and timelines. Businesses are expecting that there will be reshaping of teams and upgrading of workforce procedures and policies that will take into account new ways of working. In order to do this, organizations require reliable workforce data to determine budgets and costs," said Andrew Ferguson, CEO, Softworks.

This is where Softworks comes into the picture. Founded in Ireland in 1990, Softworks brings the most sophisticated, innovative, and easy to use workforce management software solutions in the world.

“Our technology allows customers to optimize workforce planning, scheduling, and deployment by aligning their resources with demand. We are assisting our customers to be more agile and to drive efficiency and productivity," adds Andrew.

About the Company

Softworks initially developed time & attendance solutions, and then expanded into other areas including; employee scheduling, flexible & remote working, skills, training, HR, vacation, absence management, and access control.

Today, the company has a suite of award-winning solutions and teams in Ireland, the UK, Canada, the US, Germany, and Italy.

"We assist customers to manage the working day in a way that makes them more productive and profitable by adding value to their operations. We help organizations to streamline processes, reduce administration, increase productivity, and reduce costs through improved management, scheduling, and utilization of labor resources. Our ultimate goal is to make a positive difference to the working lives of our users, their organization, and employees," adds Andrew.

What we offer:

Time and Attendance: This allows HR to build a clear picture of employee time through detailed data and reports on hours worked, absences, overtime, Flexi-balances, employee schedules and leave of all types. It is a scalable and configurable platform, and automates an organization’s pay rules, and ensures full compliance with legislation.

Employee Scheduling: Softworks eRostering Software has been developed for organizations with more complex employee scheduling requirements and provides a completely automated employee scheduling solution taking into account ideal staffing levels, skills required, compliance requirements, and the option to push out unfilled shifts to employees.

Employee Leave Management: This has been designed to reduce the difficulty of managing planned and unplanned absences in an organization. By providing accurate real-time attendance information, it can help to minimize the negative effects and expense of unplanned absences such as sick leave, as well as helping manage leave entitlements such as; maternity, parental, adoptive, carers, and force majeure.

HR Management: This cloud-based module gives HR a central area to securely store and manage employee personnel information, employment records, details on skills and training, payroll, benefits, and more.

Clocking System: It allows employees to log their working start, finish times, and breaks through the use of a clocking terminal.

Project Tracking Software: It can be used as an independent application or together with other Softworks modules to provide a complete solution to manage everything from time to schedule. It helps reduce administration, automate processes, and keep full and profitable control over every aspect of your project and its related expenses.

Employee Self Service: This allows employees to record their own time and attendance, check work schedules, request leave of all types, view flexitime and leave balances, and update personal information. It is available for desktops and laptops as well as an Employee Self Service App for tablets and mobiles. The information in the Employee Self Service App links directly to Softworks Workforce Management Software.

Flexible Working: It gives employees greater ownership and control of their own time and working hours enabling them to manage their responsibilities outside of work.

Access Control and Entrance Control: These allow HR to authorize, monitor, report on, and manage access to your building. “We give organizations proper insight into employee costs and their productivity. Without this information they could be regularly overstaffing or understaffing, scheduling without the correct skills, breaching employment legislation, and generally running an inefficient organization. Our workforce management software solutions automate and optimize these processes, enabling their managers to react in real-time to any issues happening on the front line. Thereby, ensuring consistency in how the organization operates and serves customers,” adds Andrew.

Softworks Helps Aughinish Alumina Improve Accuracy of Data and Reporting

Aughinish Alumina is the largest alumina refinery in Europe and is a part of the Rusal group, which is the world’s biggest producer of aluminum that employs over 74,000 people worldwide.

Aughinish Alumina already had an HR system in place, however, they were not satisfied with the system as it did not offer the full range of workforce management capabilities and functionality that they required. In particular, it had no time & attendance or scheduling functionality.

The company wanted to reduce manual processes and administrative tasks while at the same time improve the accuracy of data and reporting. They had three distinct areas that they wanted assistance with:

  • Visibility, Integration, and Automation
  • Full Visibility of the workforce for key decision making and planning integration with current systems including access control and payroll
  • Automation of all manual processes including real-time and intuitive reporting

Softworks provided them a fully integrated workforce management (WFM) system that included areas such as time & attendance, scheduling, absence management, employee self-service, and HR management.

“Softworks assisted us to improve reporting and have a reliable, easy to use tool that all employees can interact with. We have better workflow processes and have replaced manual entries,” said Nelius Kennedy, Human Resources, Aughinish Alumina.