Online learning for Technology

Online learning for Technology

Intelitek online curriculum use simulation tools and multiple instructional strategies to provide a solution for virtual technical career instruction.

Content is the most critical component of any e-learning experience. The quality and effectiveness of the content is instrumental in driving student engagement and learning success.

With over 2500 hours of online content and a cloud- based learning management system, LearnMate from Intelitek enables real-time learning in a virtual lab setting. Using online simulation, students can learn hands-on virtually as if they were in the lab with real equipment. Intelitek's hybrid, standards based curriculum, deliver instruction in a format remote online digital learners thrive in: blended learning with interactive online delivery, simulations and team-based activities.

Unique Simulated Labs

Intelitek eLearning curriculum provide a blended learning ecosystem, combining interactive simulation with world-class instruction. The virtual labs to provide the most engaging learning environment for students who are remote from their educational institution.

Virtual courses consist of 100% on-line, on-demand e-learning with interactive simulations that deliver relevant skills for students. By using virtual courses, you can reach more students and cover more subjects enabling accessibility by ensuring there is always a virtual machine for every student and accommodating any budget by reducing hardware costs.

Virtual eLearning Content - Powered by LearnMate®

Supports remote online learning and remote labs

LearnMate is a cloud-based SaaS application that can be accessed by teachers and students from anywhere. Students can also install the LearnMate simulation agent and Intelitek simulation software like RoboCell, CNCMotion, PneuMotion and others to complete not only the curriculum content, but also the hands on practical exercises without being physically in the classroom. Teaches can launch live classroom sessions to interact with remote students.

Deliver robust and relevant education in a format that engages digital-native students

Intelitek's e-learning delivers concepts through relevant activities and projects. Our hybrid standards-based curriculum deliver instruction in a format today’s digital learners thrive in: blended learning with interactive online delivery, simulations and team-based activities.

Provide An Immersive Instructional Experience With Project-Based Learning

Project-based learning is an essential learning strategy throughout our content. Using authentic activities, scenarios and projects, Intelitek's e-learning content creates an educational experience that is relevant to students and the jobs they will fill when they graduate. Students develop communication, teamwork and leadership skills while learning core principles and relevant skills.

Flexible curriculum provides differentiated instruction for diverse learners

Multiple instructional strategies enable students with varying knowledge, ability and interests to become active and involved. Exciting scenarios immerse students, reinforce concepts and help connect the educational experience with relevant interests in the world around them.

Empowers teachers to succeed

LearnMate is designed for educators and automates time-consuming class administration, freeing teachers to focus on teaching, and better equipped to recognize and adapt to individual student needs. LearnMate provides meaningful assessment and real-time feedback on student progress, providing teachers the valuable information that enables differentiated teaching methods.

Included with all courseware are program requirements, detailed outlines, teacher guides, and assessment details including sample solutions and program code.