Onboard Your New Hires Securely, Efficiently and Quickly

Onboard Your New Hires Securely, Efficiently and Quickly

Click Boarding is a modern employee onboarding platform that blends employee engagement, forms, and tasks into a simple, flexible, and compliant solution.

“In order to retain the best and brightest, employers must connect unforgettable onboarding to ongoing employee experiences. As our clients engage with ease and at scale, attrition reduces and competitive advantage grows.

In the digital age, employees are no different than consumers with both heightened and evolving expectations. If you want them to stick to your company and give their best, their first experience with you should be amazing. Furthermore, if you want them to be strong advocates of your brand, that amazing experience should follow them throughout their entire journey with your company!

An employee’s experience should be no less important than that of a customer. According to Click Boarding, an onboarding software company based in Minnesota, about 70% of employees are more likely to stay with a company for three years if they have a good experience during onboarding. It also found that 20% of employee turnover occurs in the first 45 days of an employee's tenure. This makes an effective employee onboarding program a necessity for businesses. “We understand that acquiring top talent takes time. We're here to help you provide best-in-class experiences that evolve candidates into advocates for long-term success,” notes Curtis Marks, Chief Executive Officer, Click Boarding.

Curtis Marks is a serial entrepreneur who founded and built multiple successful businesses, including Verifications Incorporated. Verifications became the fifth largest background screening company in North America before being acquired by First Advantage in 2013. Curtis recognized the challenge enterprise organizations were facing when dealing with onboarding. The traditional paper-based process caused inefficiency and a waste of time for HR practitioners. It also turned out to be laborious, difficult, and confusing for new hires. With antiquated HR and business processes, it’s virtually impossible for organizations to achieve digital transformation. This realization led Curtis to develop Click Boarding, a modern, mobile-first employee experience onboarding platform. There are several studies that indicate organizations with a standard and automated onboarding process can increase employee retention rates and new hire productivity by significant margins.

However, there are not many solutions within the marketplace that effectively help organizations improve the onboarding experience. There are suite solutions, and then there are point solutions. While the former tends to focus on compliance, the latter focuses on engagement.

"True onboarding isn’t one or the other. It’s the intersection of both engagement and compliance. To retain the best and the brightest, employers must connect great onboarding to ongoing employee experiences. As our clients engage with ease and at scale, attrition reduces and competitive advantage grows," notes Christine Marino, Chief Revenue Officer, Click Boarding.

"Our mission is to create exceptional experiences across the employee journey. We want to create the easiest, most empowering way for HR to deliver modern onboarding experiences that beat employee expectations, maintain superior compliance, and help everyone – including HR – achieve their full potential," Christine adds.

Click Boarding Helps HR Through Digital Transformation and Offers Exceptional Employee Experience

HR is under intense and increasing pressure to deliver a positive experience to employees in order to improve retention rates, deliver employee satisfaction, and increase productivity. At the same time, the new-age employees think more like consumers when it comes to on-the-job experience; they expect an experience that is on par with their consumer counterparts.

A good first impression on day one of the job is key to successful onboarding. With proper processes in place, HR can turn a new employee's initiation period from overwhelming to organized and enjoyable.

"We provide a continuous experience that is engaging and delightful at every step – from preboarding and onboarding through to offboarding. We help HR keep the “human” at the very center of this intentional, seamless journey," adds Christine.

provide a continuous experience that is engaging and delightful at every step – from preboarding and onboarding through to offboarding. We help HR keep the “human” at the very center of this intentional, seamless journey," adds Christin

What Click Boarding offers:

Robust API: Click Boarding has a set of open APIs that enable an IT-friendly, easy plug-and-play experience.

Superior candidate experience: Our mobile-first platform offers a seamless, guided experience by which candidates intuitively know what to do and what is next.

Configurable workflow orchestration: We empower our clients by giving readily available tools and knowledge to make changes to the workflow. It covers all aspects of HR, ranging from preboarding to onboarding, and through offboarding activities, ranging from compliance to engagement.

Strong service and support team: Click Boarding is a modern SaaS solution that takes a traditional approach to implementation.

Large ecosystem of integration partners: Our extensive ecosystem of integration partners includes industry-leading ATS, background screening, HRIS, and other point solutions.

"The configurability and flexibility of the workflow design are at our client’s fingertips and don’t require an IT degree to administer. Integrations are at the core of what we do and typically one of the first questions we are asked about. We’re proud to boast that we play well with others by complementing existing systems with an open, accessible structure for easy integration,” adds Christine.

Automation has seeped into every industry, and HR is no different. Today, more and more organizations are rolling out automation into their HR processes, despite the initial resistance and misunderstandings. They realize that by automating HR processes and tasks, HR can actually be more efficient and engaged with new hires and not less. It also helps that platforms like Click enable the ability to deliver electronic forms and content, securely.  “Providing rapidly scaling technology solutions in a world of high data sensitivity and integrity is core to serving our customers and delivering on the promise of excellence,” notes Christine.

Learn How Click Enabled a Global Insurance Company to Decrease Onboarding Time, Accelerate Background Checks and Increase Productivity

A global organization focused on a wide range of insurance, banking, and financial services. With more than 30,000 employees, this organization relied on an in-house design solution to conduct background screenings as part of the pre-boarding process.

The company was flagged by auditors for security risks and was looking for a partner who is capable of providing enterprise-grade security while improving flexibility and integrations with existing ATS and HRIS systems.

Click Boarding helped accelerate the time it took for background checks by 32%, reducing the time to start and increasing overall productivity. The process that used to take 10 days has dramatically improved. Currently, 95% of background checks are completed within 6.8 days. This allows an organization to “hire ahead of the curve” and reduce the number of unfilled positions in each orientation class, resulting in more employees getting to work faster.

"Click Boarding was the only solution that provided the level of security we needed and at the same time improved employee communication, streamlined multiple concurrent HR process flow, and eliminated the administrative headache of onboarding 15,000 candidates annually. They are a great partner,” said the company’s CEO.

“When customers connect their daily challenges to Click's key capabilities, it's a special moment. Their eyes light up, and the opportunities are endless,” said Christine.

Future Outlook

Click Boarding was engineered to offer HR support throughout the complete journey of an employee. Christine shares, “We're focused on giving your new hires the best first day imaginable. And we don't stop there. Our employee journey platform intuitively transitions your employees at every stage of their lifecycle.”

The company will continue to develop its self-service capabilities and expand data collection capabilities to enable ad hoc reporting and complete client configurability.

“We leverage our client advocacy board, executive outreach program, business reviews, ideas portal, and other platforms as venues to ensure we are in tune with the market as well as client needs and desires. Moreover, we are laser-focused on the expansion and aspirational aspect of a human experience platform. We specifically target the true connection of experiences and emotions on business outcomes,” adds Christine.

Click also plans to expand the human experience capabilities with survey assessments, engagement/ data insights, and analysis. "Every employee is key to our success. We’re a community of talented tech gurus, passionate about HR, and committed to our clients’ success. We’re on a mission to create exceptional experiences across the employee journey, one HR team at a time," concludes Christine.