Measure. Ensure. Win: StoryShare’s LXP Provides Real-Time Insights into Learning

Measure. Ensure. Win: StoryShare’s LXP Provides Real-Time Insights into Learning

For years, learning departments have mainly invested in creating more engagement through seamless experiences. As a natural upshot, today, there are a plethora of solutions aimed to resolve the issue of engagement. Many of these systems aim to provide real-time insights into the amount of learning consumed, time taken, or list completions. "However, what they fail to deliver is learning in the context of operational tasks, i.e. in a real-life workflow, and the impact of consumed learning on business outcomes. Tangible development can only happen when companies can deliver business-relevant and outcome-focused learning. But how do companies prove their learning is both contextual and impactful to the business?" points to Rob Dumbleton, CEO, StoryShare.

"We can answer both these questions in addition to ensuring the engagement of your people to consume content that moves the needle. Our learning experience platform (LXP) has built-in flexibility to co-work with existing technologies, allowing content to reside within a company's preferred applications or systems. So that people can seamlessly access knowledge whenever, wherever they require it." This enables StoryShare to capture a richer dataset from the interaction between the systems by mapping their standard data onto their customer's in real-time. So, customers can realize the learning's value and impact within their community and make informed decisions.

The LXP platform mainly addresses the chronic challenges left unattended by legacy learning management systems (LMS). An LMS typically fails in presenting strong evidence that learning initiatives work out. Plus, it lacks in delivering a wholesome digital and mobile learning experience. This shortcoming has a profound impact on the 2.7 billion people with deskless jobs, who need it the most. All this contributes toward forming a great void where systematic learnings exist but remarkably miss business applicability. "Whereas our mobile-first LXP uses enhanced analytics to measure not only completions but also every click, every pause and every movement of its users. Using its self-learning features, it augments your existing LMS to increase engagement by making your learning available in business-ready formats. It's optimized to capture every instance and experience, however little or often, to yield outcome-oriented insights while learning on the go," simplifies Dumbleton. <Insert graphic>

In the new digital reality, the need has become more pressing. With COVID-19 catalyzing digital adoption, every company's digital readiness and learning and development plans have been put to the test. Digital learning has become a favorable option to fuel the growth of skills and knowledge, with a 71% increase in demand. As a result, organizations need to propel more contextual learning, through efficient digital means, to empower their employees with future-ready references. "All this link directly to learning strategy, and the technology that will enable the new remote learning mediums that will have to increase," opines Dumbleton.

"Each of our successful implementations is a cornerstone of performance for our clients. In one of our engagements with a global manufacturing company, we were tasked with supporting them in their vision to grow and improve their sales in emerging markets," exemplifies Dumbleton. They wanted to deliver a new initiative on the training and knowledge building fronts. This took the form of the company's accreditation program. New sales personnel working for the company's distributors would work their way through a series of training checkpoints to gain a level of 'accreditation'. The end goal of this initiative was to have a more skilled and experienced workforce out in the field, which would lead to greater sales and increase brand respect. The learning experience platform ensured that the company had a significant increase in secondary sales, new sales while increasing the in-store visits.

As technology evolves, StoryShare will advance and deliver a roadmap that enables organizations who want to link business and people performance. The fundamental area that will continue to be at the heart of this strategy will be the ability to leverage our technology and integrating it to the most popularly used business applications. This is to offer a detailed behavioral analysis of the people within an organization for delivering the right content at the appropriate moment for practical learning on demand. "This may include the use of true AI and robotic process automation (RPA) to further enhance the value to both the users and businesses at large," concludes Dumbleton.