How One Small Company Will Change the Way Things are Delivered, Reducing Delivery Theft

How One Small Company Will Change the Way Things are Delivered, Reducing Delivery Theft

DRONEDEK, the world’s first smart mailbox is giving people a safer option for deliveries

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana – (March 14, 2022) – The New York Times reports that 1.7 million packages go missing or are stolen each day. This has been increasing over the years, with it becoming common for people to place online orders, only for "porch pirates" to intervene and steal the delivery from the porch. One company, DRONEDEK, is changing the way things are delivered. Using ground robotics and traditional methods, they give people the receptacle that provides a whole new way of protecting their packages.

"Just about everyone has had a package stolen from the porch or knows someone who has," says Dan O'Toole, the founder and chief executive officer of DRONEDEK. “We have created a safer way to eliminate such problems. It’s going to change the way people receive their deliveries, as well as send out packages, using a heated and cooled cargo bay.”

DRONEDEK is a receptacle where people can receive package deliveries and place their outgoing packages. Only it's more than a homemade box on the porch where items are to be placed. The receptacle is a patented, smart receptacle that works with a drone to ensure that packages are received and are allowed to be taken only by those who own the case.

Focusing on the last mile of the delivery process, DRONEDEK allows people to automate everything fully. They can use an app on their phone to see where their package is and when it's been placed into the receptacle. If they are sending packages out, they can use the app to see when they were picked up. The DRONEDEK receptacle is especially helpful for those ordering medicine, items of high value, confidential deliveries, and more.

Some of the features that help to make the technology so revolutionary include:

  • The receptacle is weatherproof, including withstanding freezing temperatures and those up to 115 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • An external heater will melt the snow in front of it. The internal temperature of the unit is also temperature controlled.
  • The system uses cloud computing and is app-enabled, offering a secure system with simple ways to track everything. It has remote access and is Bluetooth enabled.
  • Encryption is used for opening the receptacle keeping deliveries safe from thieves, animals, and the elements. It uses a state-of-the-art locking device and also has emergency features enabled.
  • The device also features a slot for conventional mail to be deposited in.
  • Receptacles can be secured to the porch, roof, window, house, building a mounted box, or existing edifice or mailbox.

"Those who regularly order things of value that they don't want to be stolen should consider the DRONEDEK," added O'Toole. "This unmanned route to safe and secure delivery will ensure you get the items you ordered. It's a delivery system that outsmarts the thieves who are out stealing packages. The future of safe package delivery is here!"

DRONEDEK was founded by Dan O'Toole, who worked on the idea for years before seeking a patent and funding to expand the company. The company has since raised $7.1 million, and the distribution of the receptacles takes place this year. The delivery system helps to reduce theft expenses and increases delivery efficiency. It's been dubbed the "mailbox of the future," allowing people to send and receive items securely.

The company recently announced it has partnered with Helium to allow for greater wireless network expansion. To date, Helium is the most extensive public Internet of Things (IoT) network globally, suitable for millions of affordable long-range, low-power LoRaWAN devices. DRONEDEK will be using the Helium network for select sensors within smart mailboxes, such as GPS and temperature. Helium hotspots will be put into DRONEDEKs in areas with limited coverage to help build out the network.

To see videos of DRONEDEK in action, visit DRONEDEK: The Next Generation Mailbox, and New DRONEDEK Smart Receptacle. To learn more about DRONEDEK, visit the site:


DRONEDEK is a company offering a new way of sending and receiving packages of up to five pounds each. The device provides a safe, secure method of delivery that keeps the items in a patented receptacle. The receptacle offers complete protection from the weather and would-be thieves. The company was founded by Dan O'Toole, a patent holder, and serial entrepreneur. The company is based in Indianapolis, Indiana. To learn more, visit the site: