Docuware : Preparing Businesses to be Future Ready in a Data-Driven World

Docuware : Preparing Businesses to be Future Ready in a Data-Driven World

In a world where information is pervasive, and data is critical, easy to use content management systems, and automated workflow processes, are no longer luxuries. They have become absolute necessities for businesses of any size. 

Often, we see enterprises using manual and time-consuming workflows and processes just because that has always been part of their system. Similarly, many enterprises continue to use traditional content management systems that are unstructured and decentralized, costing businesses a loss far more significant than they can realize.  

Many warning signs reflect how legacy systems are slowing down businesses. When business agility is impaired, resources are inefficiently utilized, customer complaints are increasing, data is trapped in silos, and sensitive information is vulnerable to threats, it becomes evident that the organization is in a critical need of a system that will organize and automate content, documentation and workflow processes. 

The right solution will equip businesses to be future-ready by ensuring the company stays agile with seamless processes and easy access to documents anywhere, anytime. When customers and employees are satisfied, productivity & profitability increase.

Enabling a Digital-First Business

As digitization becomes the new standard, different technologies present businesses with new opportunities and new types of content. Paper and unstructured ways of managing content are now nearing extinction, and industry leaders are demanding a more interactive means of handling, storing, and accessing the right data at the right time. The ability to manage content effectively is an absolute requirement for achieving business goals.   

Many enterprises seek a strategic content services platform only after they have identified critical bottlenecks while processing, storing or accessing information. In today’s business landscape, the right content management solution is a dynamic combination of cloud-based tools, strategies, and methodologies that will save, manage and deliver information while supporting key professional goals and processes throughout the business lifecycle.

Empowering Enterprises to Work Without Compromise

As businesses become more global in nature and there’s an increasing need for collaborative teamwork, sharing accurate and timely access to information and other resources is critical. If content and workflow processes are unstructured, enterprises not only waste many resources trying to manage it but also risk errors and customer dissatisfaction.  

An enterprise content management solution is designed to digitize all forms of content from research reports to invoices and to store these documents in a secure repository. Once these files are organized, everyone in the organization can have access to the records, enabling more natural collaboration, quicker decision making, and completion of projects with maximum efficiency. The solution spans the entire lifecycle of content – from capturing data to archiving it and finally publishing the same.   

Aside from streamlining, filing and reducing paper, the role of a content management solution has become much more significant. Below are some reasons why every business function today requires content management:


• To eliminate delays and substantial costs associated with managing documents

• To make content readily available to the right people at the right time across boundaries

• To search, review, edit, approve or print a document wherever you are, regardless of the device used

• To ensure improved security and compliance with all record retention policies

• To increase employee productivity and speed up business processes

Bringing Order to Chaos

As content gets progressively cultivated in a digital ecosystem, more and more enterprises are seeking cloud-based Content Services that allow seamless, secure and remote collaboration on any part of the Document Management process. Enter DocuWare,

the leading choice for businesses seeking flexible, integrated content services.

DocuWare delivers secure document management and smart digital workflows that enable enterprises to digitize and optimize processes that power the core of their businesses.

DocuWare enables businesses to:


•             Store, search and retrieve documents from one central repository, including email

•             Access files instantly from anywhere, anytime – on a computer or mobile device

•             Index critical data automatically and improve search capabilities

•             Automate business processes with powerful workflows throughout the organization, from Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, HR, Inventory control and more

•             Integrate with multiple IT systems, including CRM and ERP

•             Achieve the highest levels of security, compliance, and control for your critical documents