DocuWare's Path to Growth

DocuWare's Path to Growth

The company recently launched the latest version of its flagship product - DocuWare version 7. With its fourth-generation cloud architecture, this is the next generation in performance, stability and scalability.

In DocuWare version 7, the platform is now fully optimized for overall performance and can now support larger organizations. The user interface is also measurably faster. For example, searches are 50 percent faster, while archiving and data indexing are 35 and 75 percent faster respectively.


 “One of the key benefits of DocuWare is the ability to find any document with one simple search. Searches can be saved so that regular processes are even more efficient. Search buttons can even be embedded into familiar office applications, such as Microsoft Outlook, Word, and Excel,” explains Dr. Michael Berger, Chief Technology Officer at DocuWare.


The software also provides email notifications that will ensure essential processes are moving in the right direction, while also cutting down human errors that tend to slow down businesses.   

Setting A New Pace for Businesses

With its reliability, security, time and money-saving features, the cloud is a secure and effective platform. “The advantages that cloud-based solutions bring to a business is something they want to tap into. This is evidenced by the expansive growth in demand for the cloud that we have seen over the last few years and especially this year,” says Jürgen Biffar, founder and co-president of DocuWare.

The architectural framework at the core of DocuWare version 7, laid the foundation for the development of DocuWare Kinetic Solutions. These cloud-based, preconfigured, pre-packaged and immediately usable solutions address common business processes like invoice processing and employee management. The solutions aim at driving operational efficiency, increasing employee effectiveness and business innovation and modernizing the business with anytime, anywhere access to all documents.

The first two solutions launched in June 2018 were:


1.            DocuWare Kinetic Solution for Invoice Processing captures, routes, processes and archives incoming invoices to expedite payment, minimize manual touch and securely organize documents.

2.            DocuWare Kinetic Solution for Employee Management centralizes, secures and shares employee documents related to recruiting, onboarding, performance and more.

DocuWare is developing additional solutions for future release.

Founded in Germering, Germany in 1988, today, DocuWare has several offices across the globe and has been recognized by Gartner, Nucleus and other leading analyst firms as a best-fit document management and workflow automation solution for businesses of any size.


In 2011, DocuWare won its 10,000th customer, and in a span of just six years, DocuWare is available in 16 different languages, boasts 18,000 customers with 500,000 users across 70 countries, and is supported by a global network of over 600 partners. In September 2017, DocuWare added their 1000th cloud customer, a key milestone in the double-digital growth of the enterprise’s cloud solution.


In 2017, the firm reported revenue of USD 44 million, with an 18% in total growth and +139% growth just in the cloud, as compared to the previous year “DocuWare’s profitability has allowed us to invest more heavily in the technology and resources needed to meet the growing demand for cloud-delivered solutions. We strive to provide business with the secure and accessible solutions they need, thereby positively impacting the processes at the heart of our customers’ businesses,” concludes Jürgen Biffar, founder & co-president.

Headquarters/Location: New Windsor, NY & Germering, Germany