Deep Within The Network: CyberCentric

Deep Within The Network: CyberCentric

"Those who do not learn from history will have to repeat it." Winston Churchill's interpreted wisdom came true years after we prepared to evolve cyber threats. Many companies have thousands of apps in the past or shared files, data across networks – and all are guided by monolithic defense norms. In between, the most affected owing to its innate vulnerability is enterprise data. And there is no workaround to understand the potential risks inside. Networks might have been exploited many times or not, but now, more than ever, it's time to really understand the risks that lie deep within them. In an increasingly digital and interconnected age, data and integrated systems have evolved to play an exclusive role in transforming a business. Both constitute the information network available to companies today. “Naturally, cybersecurity concerns increase as data is contained in the network and different endpoints can serve as entry points for cybercriminals,” informs Jeremiah Stepstone, Founder and President, CyberCentric. CyberCentric offers an all-in-one solution for managing and monitoring your company's sensitive data. The cybersecurity platform uses machine learning to scan data across networks in real-time, reporting the locations of specific data as well as who is using it and how.

“Right now, this is a now or never situation mainly with work-from-home becoming the preferred alternative for work. The end devices, the home networks have transformed into potential targets for bad actors as today’s work environment might not be guarded by enterprise-grade secure networks.” CyberCentric has developed a smart, intuitive software named Virtual Box. It offers an unprecedented ability to visualize a company’s entire cybersecurity network. Users can instantly learn who’s on the network, and what data they are accessing – leading to the discovery of hidden silos of an organization’s sensitive data. Depending on the type of leaks, CyberCentric’s AI-powered measures are brought to life to take control of the situation. “Whether the leak is malicious, or just a simple human error, CyberCentric will find it,” simplifies Stepstone.

As for the deployment, the system can either be deployed within your organization's private data center or in the cloud. “No matter where our clients decide to deploy, we ensure that the system is up and running within 24 hours. This confidence is a direct result of CyberCentric’s self-learning capabilities that draw upon a powerfully-growing database of potential threat markers or a past breach record.”

The unique methodology of pre-emption and defense readiness has helped several of CyberCentric’s customers set security standards with lesser effort and maximum output. One of their major customers, a bank, was grappling with adhering to the New York state requirements regarding the new working environment. And with some logistical and device-oriented hiccups, they were desperate to set up everything on the fly – as it’s not feasible to pause the business for a single day. CyberCentric was quick to realize that time is of the essence and helped them rise to the regulatory expectations and run their shop every day. They installed Virtual Box and helped the company to comply with the standards very quickly.

Moving ahead, they are eyeing to bag almost 100 other big customers from the Fortune 500 list. Right now, CyberCentric is helping nearly thirty companies from the F500 list with their automated desktop virtualization systems. CyberCentric aims to strengthen its customer base, promising them the firsthand benevolence of automation in threat detection and its containment.