CyberSponse: Maximizing the Impact of Security Tools, Time and Manpower

CyberSponse: Maximizing the Impact of Security Tools, Time and Manpower

Protecting data, securing networks, and developing robust hardware systems have become more critical than ever with cybersecurity serving as a hot topic across organizations in every industry. Research has shown that even though cybersecurity solutions have been a top technology priority in recent years, it remains to be one of the most under-focused and underperforming areas for many enterprises. We are well aware that security is never one-size-fits-all and the range of threats and breaches that plague the corporate world today only shows the rise, intensity, and complexity of these attacks.

Security breaches are getting harder to uncover, which means the stakes for
protecting enterprises are only getting higher. Cybercriminals are becoming smarter, so it is imperative for organizations to proactively use intelligent solutions to drive swift responses to any incident. It is also in the best interest of firms to work together with all their stakeholders since cybersecurity attacks can have broader economic, social, as well as political ramifications.

Despite imminent new vulnerabilities, 2019 still promises to be an exciting year for cybersecurity with ground-breaking solutions leveraging machine learning, artificial intelligence, and the cloud.

One-Stop-Shop for Security Automation and Orchestration, Incident Management, and Interactive Investigation.

In today’s environment, where both technologies and threats are continually
evolving, cybersecurity is becoming increasingly complex, and IT professionals face many barriers to executing successful solution strategies. Businesses are also finding it challenging to harvest talent and dedicate the right resources to keep up. Given these challenges, enterprises are now placing their cybersecurity concerns in the care of external service providers. These service providers have an in-depth knowledge of the fragile nature of the current cybersecurity market and hope to equip firms with the right technologies to fight and respond to cyberattacks.

One such provider dedicated to changing how businesses function by providing cybersecurity solutions to problems that weren’t able to be solved previously is CyberSponse. Established in 2011 by Joseph Loomis, CyberSponse began as a startup based in Phoenix, Arizona but recently relocated its headquarters to Arlington, Virginia. The firm aims to take advantage of the cybersecurity solutions space amongst government agencies and private organizations.

In regards to the real-time deployment of an incident response roadmap,
CyberSponse holds a patent on the technological process underlining the entire Security Orchestration and Automated Response (SOAR) industry. The company’s CyOPs™ SOAR platform is being increasingly accepted as enterprises learn the critical importance of protecting digital assets. Even though customer traction is at an all-time high for the firm, as long as the world remains digital, the numbers will continue to rise. “We are the largest providers of any SOAR solution with the U.S. Federal government agencies and have a rapidly growing commercial market presence as well,” states Loomis. He goes on to say, “We pride ourselves on being a fast-moving, disruptive organization that seeks to tackle the status quo with our
innovative security automation and orchestration platform, which also enables incident responders to work faster, smarter, and much more effectively.”

Some of the main pain points that CyberSponse can address include alleviating cybersecurity analysts’ alert fatigue, utilizing an enterprise’s existing tools efficiently, and last but not least, equipping enterprises with well-qualified cyber personnel. Thus, the solution helps organizations save an immense amount of time, all while allowing incident responders to focus their efforts on actual security threats, as opposed to performing an endless loop of mundane tasks.

CyberSponse is also a proud sponsor of the IRC, a non-profit cybersecurity
organization dedicated to improving the incident response process within the
cybersecurity community. Every year, the IRC hosts the largest community-driven, non-profit event of its kind. 

The Team that Helps Create A Safer Digital World

Everyone at CyberSponse lives and breathes cybersecurity technology. However, the firm’s innovative solutions and the relentless drive to create the next frontier in cybersecurity technology is primarily made possible by the support and guidance of three principal members of its leadership team:

Joseph Loomis – Chairman, Founder & Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

A well-recognized, serial security entrepreneur, Joseph Loomis is the founder and CTO of CyberSponse. Over the years, Loomis has provided security-based technologies for a range of successful companies such as Microsoft, Apple, Sony, Pfizer, LG, Novartis, and many more. He has a deep passion for helping those in need, as well as mentoring other entrepreneurs and encouraging people to build their business. Often seen speaking on national news networks, Joseph Loomis leverages his extensive expertise in cybersecurity methodologies and incident response to define vision and product offerings for the information security sector. He also works very closely with government agencies to combat cybercrime.

Larry D. Johnson – Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

As the CEO of CyberSponse, Larry Johnson demonstrates a skill set and experience that is not commonly seen in the cybersecurity space. He has built numerous security operations for many Fortune 500 companies. Johnson’s background includes enforcement as well as private sector security-technology program development and problem-solving. With his unique expertise in business processes, risk, strategic planning, security technologies, and security management, he regularly discusses the value of cybersecurity solutions to those at the board level and people in strategic security positions.

George Chebat – Chief Operating Officer & General Counsel
George Chebatis an attorney who used to work at a law firm in Washington DC,
assisting his clients with data privacy and cybersecurity compliance, as well as with

notification and class-action response post a security breach. Today, at
CyberSponse, George Chebat works as General Counsel. He attended the
The University of California, Irvine for his undergraduate studies and majored in political science, with an emphasis on Middle East studies and comparative politics. Later, Chebat received his J.D. at the George Washington University Law School. While in law school, he was Editor-in-Chief of the International Law in Domestic Courts Journal that has been published by Oxford University Press. George also used to work with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Division of Enforcement
and is part of the bar in New York, Virginia, Arizona and the District of Columbia.

Cutting-Edge Products and Solutions that Build Unique Cyber Defenses

CyberSponse’s CyOPs™ SOAR platform empowers security operation teams like no other product in the market. As a holistic enterprise-built security orchestration and automation workbench, the platform ensures that teams work smarter and respond in real-time. From triaging and investigating alerts to collaboration and remediation between team members, CyberSponse takes security operation teams to the next level. Some of the key features of this product include:

CyOPs™Incident Management – Provides organizations with the power to manage sensitive data and ensure compliance with Security Operations Center (SOC) policies.

CyOPs™Playbook Engine – Automates all incident response processes and creates smart, automated workflows with the ease of product integrations.

CyOPs™for MSSPs – Obtains a complete overview of all tenants/customers in a single, unified master console.

CyOPs™Role-Based Custom Dashboards - Offers customers enterprise dashboards that provide insights for better decision making.

CyOPs™Reporting Engine – Configures, builds and produces role-based incident reports.

CyOPs™Queue Management – Handles automatic work assignments across various queues and teams.

Besides these features, CyOPs™ SOAR platform also offers the following solutions to its customers:

Automated Triage, Investigate, Remediate, Hunt – CyOPs™augments Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) as well as alerts from multiple sources to aid an investigation, actively hunt for incongruities and initiate auto-remediation using intel sources and best practices.

Vulnerability Management – CyOPs™helps manage risk better by integrating asset data and vulnerability scanners.

Build Your Own Solution (BYOS) – While CyOPs™has been deployed using many organization-specific security automation playbooks, it also provides clients the freedom and customizing abilities to implement their instance of CyOPs™according to their needs.

Staying Ahead of the Curve with Distinguishing Features and Strategies

A significant differentiator that makes CyberSponse stand out in the cybersecurity solutions market is the fact that CyberSponse’s SOAR platform is entirely agnostic to an environment’s current and future capabilities. In contrast to many of its competitors, the CyOPs™ SOAR solution has numerous connectors that allow enterprises to integrate with their existing cybersecurity products seamlessly. “The CyOPs™ provides all the tools security analysts would use in an orchestrated manner, behind a single pane of glass. This enables the incident response process to be streamlined, and the analyst can work more efficiently without having to scroll through multiple interfaces or data sources,” explains Loomis. Furthermore, CyberSponse’s SOAR platform allows security analysts to customize CyOPs™ Dashboards and Role-Based Access Control according to their needs. This customization can help equip security analysts with the ability to effectively monitor security operations’ KPIs, as well as create enterprise-level management of tasks
and permissions within the platform.

CyberSponse has a competitive advantage due to our ability to be a dynamic and revolutionary organization. We strive to stay ahead of the game to empower incident responders to work more effectively and swiftly,  adds Johnson. Unlike any other offering in the market, the multi-tenancy feature of CyberSponse’sCyOPs™platform aids the company to set up a single master control for monitoring, regulating, communicating, and providing feedback with several tenant nodes.

Another critical factor that sets CyberSponse apart is its collaboration with the United States’ Cyber Command. The firm has the freedom to be creative and innovative on the technical side, and more agile and strategic on the business front as it is not limited in scope by the assistance of any particular venture. CyberSponse deeply values its customers and intends to help clients achieve business excellence and a great experience while using its products and solutions. Additionally, CyberSponse offers a free community edition of its complete CyOPs™ SOAR platform. “We believe that our security orchestration and automation and incident response solution
is the best in the market. All our potential customers should have the opportunity to experience that,” states Chebat.

Enabling Organizations to Gain A Competitive Edge

CyberSponse’s CyOPs™ SOAR platform offers numerous advantages and Return on Investment (ROI). The platform helps businesses to:

• Save valuable time and effort which can be easily documented and tracked

• Uncover important alerts in a sea of notifications

• Prioritize security alerts based on severity, intelligence, asset, and    frequency

• Onboard new SOC members effortlessly

• Convert manual actions into automated and uniform processes

• Empower new team members to learn effective incident response methods
and procedures quickly

• Integrate a plethora of security tools into a single, standardized platform

• Obtain up-to-date information about every aspect of a security threat with
robust analytics and reporting

To demonstrate the benefits of the CyOPs™ SOAR platform, the case highlighted below showcases how the platform completely changed the game for one of its clients. CyberSponse worked with a large enterprise that was experiencing a significant challenge in recruiting enough qualified personnel, thereby resulting in an inability to perform even the smallest of tasks efficiently. After the client implemented CyberSponse’s CyOPs™ SOAR solution, they immediately noticed an increase in their ROI. The solution was a complete game-changer, and the analysts no longer
experienced burnout. The platform was further able to reduce alert fatigue, and it also streamlined incident response and the remediation process. “Moreover, after leveraging the combination of built-in features like CyOPs™Queue Manager and Role-based Access Control, the client was able to screen functions and handle automatic work assignments across multiple queues, new employees, and teams,” elucidates Johnson.

An Exciting Future.

Considering that innovation is highly crucial to CyberSponse, the company’s
roadmap entails further updates and improvements to the CyOPs™ SOAR solution. The firm continues to add new connectors to the existing ones and currently offers over 270 connectors, which is more than what its competitors provide in the market. “We are constantly seeking to evolve and are excited to announce that our newest release will be v5.0, coming mid-June, and it will be our most innovative release to date,” discloses Loomis.

CyberSponse is also working on integrating MITRE ATT& CK framework playbooks into the platform so that enterprises can automatically process the entire globally- accessible knowledge base. “For the road ahead, we will continually strive to employ elements of machine learning and artificial intelligence to deliver leading-edge market solutions that will usher in a future of completely-autonomous security operation centers. This, in turn, will make our CyOPs™platform even more intuitive,” concludes Johnson.

*Ir19 will be hosted in the Washington DC metro area on September 4th and 5th, 2019 and is free for all cybersecurity professionals to attend. IR19 will have over 35 breakout sessions designed for all levels of experience, 30+ hours of practical training on today’s best practices in incident response topics, as well as interactive cyber war gaming sessions for all levels to compete and sharpen their skills.

For additional information about IR19, registration, and sponsorship opportunities, please email or check out the website

Headquarters/Location: Arlington, Virginia