Cyber Hygiene for The Inner You, nVIAsoft Corporation

Cyber Hygiene for The Inner You, nVIAsoft Corporation

Existing authentication modes namely fingerprint verification, palm print verification, voice recognition, facial recognition, and retina scan were doing great until new-age methods started to exploit loopholes. The current cybersecurity challenge is the flawed authentication that leads to hacking, medical records breaches, identity theft, and the recent cases of ransomware attacks. These current problems cause hundreds of millions of dollar losses that the government escalated this issue as a priority equivalent to terrorism. Furthermore, the Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the need for hygienic digital Identity proofing. In this digital age, humans are leaving digital footprints everywhere they tread on the internet. Unfortunately, securities put in place to protect our digital identity such as passwords are often compromised by usage traces picked up from user devices. Even individual biometrics are now being weaponized causing identity theft and financial crisis.

nVIAsoft believes that this magnitude of digital identity dilemma must be countered by the most secure authentication with utmost sanitary precaution. Not only should the solution be contactless, but it must also have a strong and infallible biometric pattern. nVIAsoft’s principle is that biometric security should not be limited to palm or finger only. The complete and most complex vein biometric patterns must be from the entire hand capturing more data points, creating an axiomatic and pure digital ID.

nVIAsoft surfaced in the market with an inventive multimodal contactless hand biometric technology that empowers the hand to unlock endless possibilities - all while having the most secure identity protection. “Unlike facial recognition and fingerprint verification that are dependent on superficial identity authentication, verihand™ by nVIAsoft recognizes “the inner you,” begins Bernard Garcia, Founder & CEO of nVIAsoft. For today's digital-native generation, “password is counterintuitively the weakest link that can be easily hacked, even with an active physical key," he adds. An innovator with acquired knowledge in computer science, Bernard is an information technology consultant with over 25 years of experience. His extensive IT background includes senior management positions in architecture, infrastructure, systems operations, and enterprise solutions development on virtually all technological platforms. He has managed some of the most complex and successful IT project initiatives in the corporate and government industries, particularly in public safety systems implementation.

nVIAsoft’s technology innovation is an end-to-end biometric security solution with its proprietary hardware and software components for biometric cryptography combined with inherence factors and public key infrastructure (PKI). This is supported by its patented cloud authentication database gateway as a blockchain for the digital ID. 

The unique nVIAsoft software methodology of multimodal pattern recognition of the entire hand is a non-invasive yet highly precise identity verification technology that uses its proprietary contactless biometric hand reader to map and validate each individual's unique vein patterns and other unique modalities in the hand "Our verihand (reader) contactless hand biometric comes in different form factors (kiosk or desktop): excellent for access control, time and attendance, membership verification, payment solutions, and identity verification for various government agencies," details Bernard.

He furthers, "the more the reference points spread across hands, the higher the accuracy rates" as the solution factors in "the live blood flow in the veins, necessitating the person to be physically present during authentication." Data points gathered from the complex vein structures of the entire hand create a unique ID that is virtually impossible to alter or duplicate. Making it secured end-to-end, "it successfully deviates the best of hackers as even the hack of a digital ID won't allow them to steal the protected personal data." All this in real-time and delivered in a software-as-a-service model (SaaS) to manage and maintain the security accounts whenever needed, and from anywhere. "This customer-centric approach gives users adaptive security that can connect to multiple business and secure applications as an authenticated user.

nVIAsoft's services include Secured Remote Access and are not limited to SSO (single-sign-on) solution, Multi-factor, and Multimodal Biometric Authentication (MFA, MBA), Cloud Services, Hybrid Database (DBaaS), Active Directory and Network Migration, user training, and onboarding. Bernard tells us why - "unlike fingerprint and palm prints biometric technology, our solution eliminates the possibilities of leaving traces, which can be duplicated fraudulently. Our unique biometric pattern from the hand is being captured with the consent of the user upon enrolment, eliminating accidental invasion or intrusion of privacy, unlike facial and voice recognition."  Real-time data capture ensures the collation of data from each interaction and solidifies a dynamically growing data pool.

nVIAsoft’s patented proprietary database serves as a cloud authentication layer for its users as it authorizes them to perform transactions to various applications as a gateway in the cloud. Also, it grants access to restricted areas only if the individuals’ hand profile is enlisted in the database, the nVIAOne. Bernard adds, “It's impossible to earn leverage on our security measures as they are your hands. Being contactless means no impressions, hence no traces - this is not like the other items that you might leave behind somewhere.” When nVIAsoft’s biometric solution implemented sensors, it became possible to identify the people entering or leaving the building and restrict unauthorized access. As an added level of security, the solution made it impossible for people to punch in access cards for coworkers without their physical presence and allowed the employers to have the most accurate time and attendance per employee for payroll processing. In every way, nViasoft surpasses every other routine tool by drawing upon its relentless person-centric approach to security and authentication.

Naturally, use-cases prevail in many industry sectors such as healthcare, education, government, and travel. Urgent care, medical practices, and hospitals can enroll their patients’ hands to connect to their electronic health records. Universities can use our authentication technology in their current education management programs to protect the privacy of each student's records. Students would benefit from secure access to online classes, library catalogs, and payment portals seamlessly and sideline any password-related hiccups. The technology can thwart identity theft during tax season while filing to the IRS. All filers or users can enroll themselves with their hands, and hence tax filing would be simple, efficient, and accurate just by placing their hand to a verihand™ reader for identity authentication. With nVIAsoft’s authentication gateway called DIVA (database of Identification, verification, and authentication) its blockchain for digital ID will allow enrolled travelers to have seamless ways to cross borders without the need of pulling passport from their bags but simply using their hand which is linked to their driver's license, passport, hotel booking, and other travel-related verification and authentication requirements. This revolutionary and unique feature of verihand promotes securely connected journeys for today’s international travelers.

Talking about large-scale installations, businesses often bail out dreading a steep learning curve that might throw them off. However, for nVIAsoft, it acts as a self-serving tool, which requires the lowest number of practice or learning endeavors. “We have successful installations to several early adopters for access control applications. All these are pipelined to be scaled up to payroll and time management applications. It solved the problem of avoiding unrestricted access to controlled areas and private facility entries. User adaptation could not weigh on – once employees were enrolled, the authentication and access granting took place within a few seconds. This technology benefits businesses not only in providing easy-to-use access for employees but by also being cost-effective on perpetual expenses for equipment costs such as magnetic cards and lost key fobs.”

“We're fast embracing artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and blockchain technology to further improve our methodology for identity access management (IAM) for providing scalable solutions,” informs Bernard. In the pandemic-altered world with new safety standards, nVIAsoft's unique biometric technology will address the market’s need for contactless, hygienic protocols. This innovation will thrive as it will not affect the use of face masks and face shields, as well as face coverings for some religions. Plus, when the world is showing some concern for sustainability, “we need to jump on the bandwagon as our solution already won half the game by ensuring lesser digital footprints.” Therefore, one of the company’s priorities in production manufacturing is for the biometric readers and devices to use recycled and environment-friendly materials. “We envision that our contactless hand biometric technology will become part of the global standard for strong digital authentication and will be one of the industry’s leading technological advancements for securing digital identity," finishes Bernard.