CX and the winds of change

CX and the winds of change

Managing customer experience in the hyper-connected marketplace has tangible results. Prioritize digital transformation to stay ahead in the game

Competitive advantage in the connected marketplace is defined more clearly by customer experience & outcomes than by product features. If you operate in a crowded market and deal with large clouds of customer data, this is your new reality. Just the scale and diversity of it requires businesses to operate with a high degree of agility, flexibility, and scalability in their service strategy. This makes for a compelling argument in favor of specialist organizations offering outsourcing solutions.

The pace of transformation

There is now a consensus that digital transformation is all-pervasive and the speed at which it is playing out is astonishing. High tech CX trends that were emerging just a couple of years ago are live and in production mode, today: SMAC (social, mobile, analytics, and cloud), automation, and smart machines just to name a few. This new digitally enhanced tech is enabling companies to realign components of their business to meet today’s needs while also helping anticipate and prepare for the future.

Consumers now operate in contextual micro-moments across devices and channels, calling for innovations and experiences at the speed of light. It is a challenge to deliver on them, as some businesses play catch up with changes in tech or consumer preferences, ultimately falling behind the digital maturity curve. Unless they up their game with digital transformation and customer experience, their brand loyalty and eventually revenue may take a hit. To stay in the game and excel at it, brands must continually provide next-generation design thinking, agility in operations, customer insights through analytics, and process automation.

Sounds complicated. But is it?

So how does a brand make this shift? Begin by fixing things that don’t appear broken today. Start by assessing your customer experiences and then re-thinking and re-designing the customer journey. Customers and their experiences are clearly at the heart of this transformation. Examine how the current infrastructure of the organization (people, processes, technology) can optimize performance and accordingly, adopt new cloud-enabled AI technology and digitize the engagement cycle. It is eventually the Return on Experience (ROE) that matters the most as that is what truly drives Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

Automating: over and over again

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is one of the newest frontiers in customer service. If implemented correctly, it can deliver cost-efficient, compliant, and streamlined processes. RPA has the potential to simplify complex processes, increase business productivity, and enhance CX. Brands can gain tremendous value by incorporating RPA into their operations. Figuring out how automation can play a significant role in delivering the best customer experience possible is now more crucial than ever for businesses across all industries.

A seamless omnichannel experience

Technology has empowered customers to get what they want, whenever they want, and how they want it. Today’s consumers are not tied to a single channel. Everything is real-time and customers expect immediacy, personalization, and easy accessibility. This new digitally advanced customer forces companies to remain agile and on-demand 24/7. Connecting these interactions together, across channels, allows brands to create a single digital profile every time a customer interacts with your business.

CX management brings tangible results but each business is unique and is faced with unique challenges. It is how the leaders address those challenges, both in the short and long term that defines their legacy. Technology is not an answer in itself but rather it is an enabler. By re-looking at the organization’s direction and how it works, technology and people can become a part of the solution and the transformation itself. Such an approach is likely to drive growth, reduce costs, and improve the overall customer experience—a key to market leadership.

Startek is helping leading brands across industries manage their customer experience as part of their digital transformation journey.

A leading National Bank wanted to digitize its banking services; thus, Startek deployed its proprietary Social Business tool - LISA – to leverage digital channels for customized customer connections, intelligence, and service to ensure high-quality customer experiences. This cloud-enabled based social platform was key in maximizing reach via consumer opinion analysis, real-time reactions, responses, and created dynamic campaign results.

Startek introduced collaboration across Marketing, Planning, Customer Service, Technology, and Analytics domains. We identified opportunities via future-ready business models through Quantitative and Qualitative Analytics. This included advanced analytics and IT infrastructure which injected new life into the client’s Customer Life Time Value. Equally important to success was the Data Analytics offering which focused on services and products, Consumer Perception, Competitive Analysis, Scenario Analytics, and Social Campaign Effectiveness Analyses.