Biometric Security in your very hand.

Biometric Security in your very hand.

Existing authentication modalities such as fingerprint verification, voice recognition, facial recognition, and retina scanning were once thought to be the gold standard of security until flaws in each modality were exploited one by one. Singular modes of security especially are often compromised by simple usage traces picked up from user devices. Upon witnessing a largely flawed market, nVIAsoft surfaced with verihand™, a revolutionary multimodal contactless hand biometric that is poised to redefine “Biometric Security” as we know it.

"For today's digital-native generation, it has become obvious that the password is one of, if not the most, unreliable forms of security as it can be easily hacked even with an active physical key, therefore it is counterintuitively the weakest link," reasons Bernard Garcia, inventor of Contactless Hand Biometrics security applications and the Founder & CEO of nVIAsoft. An innovator with acquired knowledge in computer science, Garcia is an information technology consultant with over 25 years of experience. His extensive IT background includes senior management positions in architecture, infrastructure, systems operations, and enterprise solutions development on virtually all technological platforms. He has managed some of the most complex and successful IT project initiatives in the corporate and government industries, particularly in public safety systems implementation.

The unique nVIAsoft methodology of multimodal pattern recognition of the entire hand creates an exceptionally Pure Digital ID. It is a non-invasive, yet highly precise, identity verification technology that uses a contactless biometric reader to map and validate each individual's unique vein patterns. Garcia articulates, "verihand™ comes in different form factors (kiosk or desktop): excellent for access control, time and attendance, membership verification, payment solutions, and identity verification for various government agencies.”

Garcia further explains their proprietary algorithm stating, "the more complex data points spread across an entire hand, the stronger the Pure Digital ID created" as the verihand™ solution factors in "the live blood flow in the veins combined with other distinct hand modalities, necessitating the person to be physically present during authentication." Thus, identities receive end-to-end security, "successfully confounding even the best of hackers because simply obtaining an individual’s digital ID is not nearly enough to steal heavily protected, encrypted personal data from our database." As all security measures are processed in real-time, this highly advanced technology is delivered through a software-as-a-service model (SaaS) to manage and maintain the security accounts wherever and whenever needed. "This customer-centric approach grants users adaptive security that can connect to multiple businesses and secure applications as an authenticated user.”

nVIAsoft's services include Enterprise solutions for Secured Remote Access and are not limited to SSO (single-sign-on), Multi-factor and Multimodal Biometric Authentication (MFA, MBA), Cloud Services, Hybrid Database (DBaaS), Active Directory and Network Migration, user training, and onboarding. Garcia illustrates that "unlike fingerprint and handprint biometric, our solution eliminates the possibilities of leaving traces that can be and are frequently fraudulently duplicated. verihand™ captures each unique, individual biometric hand pattern with the consent of the user, eliminating accidental invasion or intrusion of privacy, unlike facial and voice recognition."  Real-time data capture ensures the collation of data from each interaction and solidifies a dynamically growing data pool.

With their patented proprietary database, nVIAsoft grants yet another layer of authentication to enterprise users so they can perform transactions with various applications in the cloud. nVIAsoft’s database also gives access to restricted areas only if the individuals’ hand profile is enlisted in the database, nVIAOne. “It is impossible to earn leverage on our security measures as they are your hands. Being contactless means no impressions, unlike prints that can be left behind anywhere,” adds Garcia. When nVIAsoft’s verihand™ implemented access control to a few early adaptors, it became possible to identify the people entering or leaving the building and restrict unauthorized access. As an added level of security, the solution made it impossible for people to punch in access cards for coworkers without their physical presence and allowed employers to have the most accurate time and attendance per employee for payroll processing. For any and all other applications that require secure authentication, nVIAsoft’s multimodal contactless solution, verihand™, is the fastest, most secure, most accurate, and most hygienic biometric.

nVIAsoft is fast embracing artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and blockchain technology to further improve their methodology for scalable identity access management (IAM) solutions. In the pandemic-altered world with new safety standards, this company’s unique biometric technology will address the market’s need for contactless, hygienic protocols. verihand™ will thrive as it won't affect the use of face masks and face shields, as well as face coverings for religious purposes. "We envision that our contactless hand biometric technology will become part of the global standard for strong digital authentication and will be one of the industry’s leading technological advancements for securing digital identity,” concludes Mr. Garcia.