Apex Protect GPS: Protect and Manage Your Inventory Profitably

Apex Protect GPS: Protect and Manage Your Inventory Profitably

Car dealers, especially large dealers and groups with multiple locations and franchises, know how difficult it is to manage inventories. As a business, you are there to do sales and profit from it. However, you lose if you cannot properly track your inventory, or say yes to buyers at the right time because you do have the right data, or are unable to recover vehicles on-time and quickly. And, then there is always the fear of theft and misuse of inventory, which could adversely affect your dealership.

A GPS tracker is an answer to all of these concerns. It can help improve sales and service, lot security, and even finances. However, you need the right partner.

"We were born out of the need of a large, multi-location, multi-franchise dealer group’s need for a system that provided consistent inventory management and unprecedented value to their retail customers," says Lee Burns, Co-Founder, and VP of Operations, Apex Protect GPS.

Apex Protect GPS: What We Offer

Apex Protect GPS is a vehicle GPS technology company, designed exclusively for new car franchise dealerships, that offers vehicle protection, inventory management systems, and a marketing platform. 

Apex enables dealers to track vehicles, recover stolen ones, and also helps them mitigate risk while increasing sales efficiency, customer satisfaction, and customer retention.

Apex Protect GPS offers:

Inventory Management: Instantly track vehicles, low battery alerts, speed and boundary alerts, faster floor plan audits, etc.

Asset Protection: 24×7 stolen vehicle recovery, nationwide coverage, local law enforcement support, etc.

"We help dealers recover stolen vehicles to mitigate risk and keep insurance from rising," Lee adds.

Service Retention: Real-time service data, mileage information, diagnostics information, etc.

Marketing & Lead Generation Platform: In-app dealer branding, marketing directly to customers application, enhanced marketing using real-time data, etc.

New Revenue Stream: New parts and service revenue, new sales and F&I revenue, 2-3 times sales penetration than others, etc.

"These help dealers to stay connected with every customer post-sale, and market to them at a specific time they need service, rather than guessing. Thus, we help maximize service retention. By selling all these features to the consumer, the dealer is creating new non-cancellable revenue for every department within the dealership,” says Thomas Embree, Vice President, Sales, Apex Protect GPS.

Apex Protect GPS: Pioneers in Vehicle GPS

Apex has been preloading GPS programs into new car dealerships much longer than anyone in the automotive industry.

"The sales and operations team at Apex have been in the business for a decade, creating, testing, innovating, improving, and implementing the preloaded program into new car dealers. Previous to THIS team doing this, the only application for GPS in automotive was for BHPH," says David Pollock, CEO, Apex Protect GPS.   

Apex Protect GPS:

  • is the first to preload a GPS product into a new car franchise dealer and offer the functionality of the device while vehicles were still in dealers’ inventory.
  • has implemented its program at more dealerships than any other company in the industry.  
  • is the first to offer multi-year subscription plans that dealers can sell to consumers.
  • is the first to offer 'true' online transfers by the dealer

"We offer features that are based on what dealers want and need, and lets them sell more products to consumers. Our dealer-centric focus and knowledge of the industry have put us ahead of the competition. After all, “we” created it," adds David.

Apex Protect GPS: How We Can Serve You Better

Retention tools based on real-time data is the latest and the most valuable part of the company’s offer. That combined with a marketing platform to reach out to customers when needed, is the best way to stay connected to customers.

“We know what works and what doesn’t work. Period. We are a “process implementation company” first and a product provider second. Nobody else in the business has all the retention and marketing features we provide to dealers,” adds Thomas. 

Apex Protect's unique delivery model makes it a win-win for dealers across the country. On one hand, Apex Protect protects a dealer’s entire inventory, and on the other, it enables dealers to sell the same protection to consumers. Apex averages 2-3 times higher sell-through penetration than any other company in the industry.

“We have the experience to customize a program at every dealer we work with as well as the knowledge to know how to create a program that works with each dealers’ needs, as well as solve issues that they experience every day. That ability combined with a product that is able to provide so many benefits to the dealer before the sale, then create new revenue by being sold to the customer makes this program a win-win,” adds Thomas.

Apex GPS Protects Port Lavaca Auto's Inventory from Theft and Abuse

Apex GPS enabled Port Lavaca Auto Group to protect its inventory from theft and abuse much better than other GPS products they used. With Apex's process and product Port Lavaca's inventory control has become a profit center for its dealerships. It also offered other benefits, such as locate a particular vehicle within seconds when a customer is waiting, see where a car has been, track the speed of the vehicle and battery voltage, and also offered alerts on a number of other triggers. These helped them keep vehicles retail-ready.

Stephen Livesay, Managing Partner, Port Lavaca Auto Group, says, "We have used a few different products over the last 6 years. Apex Protect GPS is by far the best. We have used a similar GPS system to Apex over the last 2 years specifically, but now that we have Apex, we realize how much more streamlined, user friendly, faster and accurate Apex is than our previous providers."

With Apex, Port Lavaca was able to recover 6 stolen vehicles in one month.

“We received alerts that vehicles were being driven over 90mph while they were within 5 miles from our dealership. We contacted police and within 35 minutes of the alerts, the police were taking possession of 6 of my cars and arresting 4 individuals,” adds Stephen.