Accelerated Sales Performance with AI Guided Selling Insights

Accelerated Sales Performance with AI Guided Selling Insights

Business-to-Business (B2B) sales productivity rates have reduced to less than 33%, according to Accenture and CSO Insights. In addition, thirty to sixty percent of middle-tier sales professionals do not meet their sales targets. B2B sales productivity is a major challenge for companies as they struggle to meet the demands of increasing their revenue and Cost of Sales (COS) targets. The impact of missing a sales forecast can easily put a tailspin on public markets' confidence in a company or erode employee confidence impacting customer loyalty. Happy Employees correlate to Happy Customers and Market Growth.

Optimized Sales Performance and Increased Topline Revenue
SalesChoice Inc. specializes in predictive and prescriptive analytics, using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) methods for B2B business professionals to:

  •  Accelerate top-line revenue growth,
  • Target the most optimal customers with highest  conversion odds,
  • Realize long term value (LTV) of customer accounts vs short-term thinking,
  • Reduce customer churn rates, with predictive churn insights, and
  • Enable 7x24 sales coaching with guided selling insights to improve sales activity productivity

With the declining productivity rates of B2B sales professionals and increasing computational processing power of Big Data, artificial intelligence(AI), has the ease of analyzing all the sales knowledge in CRM data sets. AI can also integrate other rich data sets to guide sales professionals to achieve optimal performance outcomes.

Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO & Founder, SalesChoice, says:  “We have developed a highly intuitive user interface that sales professionals, both managers, and representatives, can easily understand. Over the past five years in building SalesChoice, we have seen clients reach 99% predictive accuracies in their sales forecasting data sets, due to highly disciplined operational practices that focus on data as a strategic assetThis is one of the key leadership needs to be ready for AI, codified and accurate data is everything. " 

There are many companies that cannot use AI CRM software as they still face major issues with data quality, data workflow logic and adoption issues. For such clients, SalesChoice provides AI readiness and data wrangling services. The company also helps it’s clients to design, develop and build modernized data manufacturing centers of excellence (COE) that will enable optimal data management solutions.

SalesChoice predictive scores and forecasting intelligence is also easily integrated with Salesforce Einstein’s BI or other leading BI toolkits capabilities with our flex architecture, and open API. As many of our customers using Salesforce still face adoption and clean data challenges, our advanced data completeness visualizations drive immediate value to clients,” adds Cindy.

SalesChoice Insight Engine™ Predicts Sales Outcomes and Improves Win Rates

SalesChoice's, national award-winning, AI Predictive Insight Engine™ analyzes Salesforce CRM data and external data sources to predict sales outcomes, reveals reasons underlying the win or loss insights, and improves data quality. The Insight Engine™ employs deep and explainable machine learning techniques to not only predict sales outcomes early in the cycle with >85% accuracy, but it also explains the reasons why so sales professionals can focus on the right opportunities and take corrective action to improve win rates.

SalesChoice is more advanced than using linear regression methods and uses many diverse blended forms of AI to achieve optimal intelligence, hence, leading analysts from Accenture, Aragon Research, IDC, and Gartner, have recognized SalesChoice as a visionary market leader. Having won the top AI Awards in Canada in 2019 and 2018, and other USA AI leadership recognitions. SalesChoice also provides sales representatives and management dashboards to run forecasting scenarios "what ifs" on any timing dimension to monitor pipeline health. The real-time data quality view per field per rep and team has helped clients achieve up to 99% CRM adoption. With a host of other features, including Lead Insights, Account Scoring, Opportunities History Tracker, Predictive Pricing and a unique Self-auditing Accuracy tab, SalesChoice can solve a host of challenges to help you increase your sales performance.

Thomas Burghardt, CTO, SalesChoice, says: Our Insight Engine™  can increase forecasting accuracy up to 95% with early predictions on opportunities and our unique simulation capability enables our customers to try out various scenarios. Sales professionals can also exceed their sales targets through deal prioritization, account scoring, and have coaching reasons for predicted win or losses that can help them take corrective action.”

SalesChoice Leadership Team

Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO & Founder

Cindy is an expert in SaaS, AI, business innovation, early-stage software commercialization, and sales /marketing practices. She has authored 13 books and has held senior leadership and partnership roles in global B2B Enterprises, including Accenture, Xerox, Citicorp, and Nortel Networks.

Cindy is also active in early-stage software ventures. She is a recipient of many awards, including MindBridge AI Award, The AI Disruptive Award, ITWC, Aragon: Top AI Sales Enablement Company to Watch, Business Development Bank and Startup Canada; National and Regional Entrepreneurship Awards, and has also received the coveted Sara Kirke EY Award for outstanding CEO Innovation and Community Leadership. She is currently working on her 14th book on The AI SPLIT: The Perfect World, or The Perfect Storm, and most recently joined the Forbes Business School and Technology Board as their AI Advisor to their Executive Leadership Development Programs.

Thomas Burghardt, CTO

Thomas is a data sciences engineer and a full-stack engineer, whose focus is delivering front-end product enhancements, as well as building out server-side architecture. His past experience includes work on web applications and software products that focus primarily on data management and data processing. Thomas works closely with the engineering team to ensure that customer needs are fulfilled, balanced against the product roadmap, and ensures that the SalesChoice engineering processes are “humming” in all the right directions – as SalesChoice is all about “making data speak.”

Yannick Lallement, Chief Data Scientist.

Yannick is responsible to solve complex sales intelligence challenges. He is ranked as one of the top 10 Data Scientists in Canada. Prior roles include a research associate at the Human-Computer Interaction Institute, at Carnegie Mellon University, for a few years, honing his data-mining and predictive analytics expertise. He then went on to design enterprise customer-service and e-commerce software and intelligent agents at a leading Canadian web-development company. Additionally, Yannick has been a member of the Google Human Evaluation Team and has consulted on SEO and website analytics for companies like American Express.

Malay Upadhyay, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer.

Malay is responsible for the firm’s positioning and channel strategy, its implementation and developing business with prospective B2B clients to meet the annual revenue targets. He brings a diverse set of experiences as a sales and marketing professional and has also completed international strategy consulting projects, modernizing diverse industries.

SalesChoice Helps RelationEdge Improve Sales Forecasting; Achieves 95% Predictive Accuracy

RelationEdge is a CA, HQ company, with offices across the USA, and has been recently acquired by RackSpace for its premier SalesForce SI capabilities. The company specializes in implementing technology solutions that are simple to use and provide powerful information that drives their clients’ business to higher performance levels. RelationEdge’s rapid growth has resulted in over 70% year-over-year. With high growth comes the challenge of having accurate forecasts to run the business and ensure resourcing requirements in a professional services business model can keep pace. They needed predictive analytics and data sciences business partner that could not only help its business improve sales forecasting efficiencies, but also provide a solution offering to his clients. SalesChoice delivered a simplified, predictive and accurate sales pipeline that has improved RelationEdge's opportunity win rate, reduced cycle time and enhanced the company's ability to provide meaningful coaching and input to the sales organization during the deal cycle. Matt Stoyka, CEO & Founder,

RelationEdge, says: “I was pleased to discover that SalesChoice predicted results above 90% accuracy over a 3-month time frame. I can now focus less time on forecast reviews and spend more time on situational coaching and growing the business."

Future Roadmap: Building New Foundations of Customer Innovation Excellence

Motivating sales professionals to use CRM toolkits and drive what is in it for me (WIFM) is at the root of SalesChoice solution and market positioning. SalesChoice started off early in the AI guided selling marketplace by building a focused sales AI productivity application for B2B customers. It served the mid-to-large enterprise accounts by leveraging the rich Salesforce channel ecosystem.

"SalesChoice is now evolving our position in the marketplace. In the future, we plan to focus on our AI Insight Engine Platform as an enablement infrastructure to enable diverse product innovations. And, over time enable SI and Channel partners to extend using our platform architecture capabilities; We also see a lot of white space in the Professional Edition market as Einstein is not enabled in Professional Edition – so this opens up tremendous coverage for us as we advance in 2020" adds Cindy.

SalesChoice's AI Insight Engine™ can solve many use cases to modernize businesses beyond sales, in areas like predictive churn, optimal yield (supply chain management) and even in marketing for identifying VIP (Most important customers) or predicting fraud. Although their proven clients and use cases are in Sales, expect new developments as the future unfolds, bringing AI to more clients easily.

Yannick Lallement, Chief Data Scientist, SalesChoice, says: "We know how messy data sets are in CRM environments. We will continue to evolve our data completeness product roadmap and also intensify our relationship analytics intelligence layer(s) as the last mile. We will anticipate customer needs before they are ready and nurturing those early seeding relationships to build new foundations of customer innovation excellence."

With the human attention cognitively dropping by fifty percent since the advent of mobile, B2B sales professionals are in a productivity decline. AI and ML methods are helping to close the gap and we are excited to be at the forefront of these new methods. As the data highways continue to converge, we will start to see increased AI sales productivity toolkits, it’s no longer a question of if AI brings value, it's all about getting underway or simply be left behind.” concludes Cindy.

Headquarters/Location: Toronto, Canada