AUVESY GmbH: Global Front Runner in Data Management Solutions for Automated

AUVESY GmbH: Global Front Runner in Data Management Solutions for Automated

Over the last century, the automobile culture has grown by and large. Like many other products, automobiles continue to shape the economy and billions of people across the globe. The automotive industry has not only recovered from the economic crisis, but the prognosis for future growth and profits is even better. Given the growing convergence of various technologies and industries with the automotive sector, there are numerous opportunities in the market on a daily basis.

Despite this staying power, the automotive landscape is witnessing rapid change every year. The sector is continually faced with challenges such as rising costs, increasing pressure from customer demands, low purchasing power, extreme competition, and the collapse of previously profitable markets. To successfully participate in the market, every automobile manufacturer needs a clearly defined unique selling point.

Over the last decade, automotive systems have also progressed from traditional, mechanical systems to more software-intensive systems. As the digitalization trend continues, more and more data accumulate which demands enterprises and manufacturers to be able to effectively and securely handle all this information. Therefore, it becomes indispensable to establish a robust data management system offering centralized data storage, version control, detailed change tracking, automated back-up, clear documentation, as well as compatibility with the system requirements of different equipment suppliers.

Enter AUVESY, the market leader in data management systems, and the company behind versiondog, a globally leading version control and data management system for automated production. Having worked in the automation industry for a long time, with years of in-depth technical expertise, the founders of AUVESY felt the need for a software solution such as versiondog. 

"versiondog helps protect intellectual property in automation layers, thus helping to avoid risk regardless of device type. It also helps recover from errors, hardware failures, or sabotage quickly," explains Dr.-Ing. Tim Weckerle, CEO of AUVESY. Given that the degree of automation in production environments is continually increasing and automobile manufacturers want to produce more and more quality cars in lesser time and effort, it is clear that all the program data of PLCs, HMIs, robots or drives cannot be managed manually anymore. “But it is also clear that versiondog will only be successful if users can use it for their whole production regardless of the automation devices installed. We work with our clients as long-lasting partners and help them deal with all these challenges,” expresses Dr. Weckerle. 

versiondog provides users with comprehensive support for centralized data management and device backup that allows for higher utilization of plant capacity and a significant reduction of downtime.