AI Sightings

AI Sightings

Artificial Intelligence early implementation sightings.

As CIOs, technology decision-makers and leaders embark on technology modernization efforts, they should consider holistic technology strategies that align with business goals and incubate AI technologies. Such incubation will result in maximizing technology investments while promising to drive new business models enabled by technology. 

The principle to think through is to vet the question of ‘Why’ before you begin. The strategy should also have value-add. What is the “why” of the strategy? Why do we adopt AI? Spend time and effort? 

Process Improvement is not the ultimate answer. Think process and process engineering in adopting AI. Do not patchwork old processes with new technology. Think of how to process re-engineering can support adoption. Have a big strategy picture but think small in making changes. Single process, single system changes to impact single service delivered by the organization. This is where the ripple effect can start. 

Modernization aligning with business goals of “growth and transform” can be the crucial determining factor for AI implementation. 

Look into AI implementations, the questions CIOs and Technology leaders need to consider on the adoption.

As a follow-up to the AI Adoption article in June, this article identifies, explores, and details the early implementations of AI in workplace solutions. This article explores the use of cases of technology implementations. 

24/7/365 Call center is a critical service for many organizations. Currently, it is supported by legacy systems and solutions. Technology modernization is a required next step. Internal factors such as extended capabilities, scalability, reliability, security, the total cost of ownership, keeping up with the pace of technology, etc. demand modernization and a new system. External factors such as board requirements, legislation, industry trends also push and pull towards modernization. The mode of operations becomes unstainable to maintain the status quo. There are plenty of reasons to modernize technology. But are these reasons enough? Technology shouldn’t be implemented for the sake of technology modernization alone. It should be an opportunity to align technology modernization efforts with business strategic goals. This alignment approach will support maximizing the value of the technology investment while minimizing the risk. 

Technology Return on Investment (ROI) will be maximized when the business needs to drive information technology investments. CIO, Technology Decision-makers and leaders should recognize that they stand at crossroads to either see this as an opportunity to modernize, innovate and incubate the promise of new business models that are enabled by technology or as straight-up technology modernization. 

  • Modernization strategy should result in research and recommendation of morphing solution strategy into an integrated and holistic system modernization that supports business goals and outcomes.

At this crossroads is where Artificial Intelligence as an incubating tool can maximize technology investments. AI’s role in call center solutions with the goal to move or elevate from the contact center to an engagement center is a use case to watch. It promises business with 360o insights of their customers. Integrating AI morphs incoming client data into smart, rich data sets. 

On a personal level, another use case or sighting of AI evolution is watching vehicles with autopilot technologies. It’s fascinating to see and experience technology implementation accelerated by graphics processing unit (GPU) computing. Every update of the technology and software release is the improvement of recognition and learning. Every update is making an improvement on the tuning of the hidden layers to move closer to the outputs and outcomes that the AI system is created to achieve, AI technologies at this time are domain or industry-specific. Ex: autopilot, radiology, speech, etc. unlike human intelligence that can work through or process multiple domains for decision support. It’s an exciting time to live and see AI evolution and technology implementation, though far from realizing the world of terminator but maybe the beginnings of the coming John Connor.