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InsurTech is shaking up the once sleepy world of i...

The insurance industry is facing a period of sustained transformation, that we believe will create a trillion dollar value shift. Start-up ‘disrupters’ will capture some of that value but


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The Disturbing Cyber Threat Targeting Medical Devices

The Disturbing Cyber Threat Targeting Medical Devi...

Hackers have found another way to extort the medical community and their patients. There's a disturbing trend of cyber-thieves targeting medical devices in doctors' offices and hospitals. T


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The New Retail Experience: Merging Touchpoints For Success

The New Retail Experience: Merging Touchpoints For...

On a daily basis, readers are inundated with headlines about the impending “retail apocalypse” that brings with it dwindling foot traffic, store closures and the ultimate elimination of

Cyber Security

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Hacker House: Empowering and Protecting Global Ent...

The exponential rise of connected devices and critical dependence on digital infrastructure has led information technologies to proliferate every part of our lives. While this trend has made our lives

'Argoscope' Detelix Software: Preventing Online Fr...

Online financial transactions are becoming a norm each passing day and consumers are increasingly at risk citing safe processing of their transactions. At a time where online transactions are accentua

Cyber security is failing society

Cyber security is failing society.The unsustainable level of cyber-crime, cyber espionage, and cyber war is a serious issue with the potential to drastically impact the fabric of our society. 

BAI Security: Leading the Security Auditing and Co...

Prior to 2017, industries ranging from film production to healthcare witnessed a record-breaking surge in cyber-attacks.  State-sponsored attacks used brute force tactics that resulted in embarra